CWB Level 2 Welding Inspector - Welding Supervisor

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State: NB New Brunswick
Country: Canada
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CWB Level 2 Welding Inspection
CSA B31.3, Z662 and W178.2
Canadian Inter-Provincial Trade certification - Welder
1980-81 Welding Institute of Canada
Welding Fundamentals, Principals and Practice

1966-70 Southampton College of Technology
Graduated with City and Guilds credits in Welding Technology,
Science and Practical Welding, Heating and Ventilation &

1970 Represented the college in the United Kingdom
Apprentice Competition for Welding and was awarded a Bronze

1961-66 Millbrook Secondary Modern School
35 years Welding - SMAW and GTAW. Welder,Welding Foreman,
Welding Supervisor, QA Supervisor - Nuclear,Construction

Extensive overseas experience on Pipelines, Oil Field
gathering lines,Pulp Mill, Refinery and Nuclear construction