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NDT related Job

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State: ON Ontario
Country: Canada
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
had CGSB certification in RT,MT and PT which has lapsed
for quite some time although i am still actively doing
all the above mentioned testing and also supervising some
bachelor of science
Have approximately 30 yrs experiance in RT, MT, PT
welding and Tank Inspection.i am still in the business
of NDT with hands on experiance.
Fimiliar with ASME Code API 1104 and is slightly known
to 650 and 653,and have done welding inspection also.
I am looking for a job and would be greatly interested
to work in middle east and would also be willing to work
in pakistan on any power project,refinery or any sector
of oil and gas development.