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IRATA level 3 - UT 1 / MT 2 / Rigger
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Country: South Africa
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IRATA Level 3
ASNT UT Level 1
ASNT MT Level 2
North Sea Lifting - Rigger
Off shore Survival & Medical
13 Years experience in Rope Access and Rigging operations.


13 years, 12 000 rope access hours

1995: Matriculated with University exemption.
1996 - 1997: Worked for a company called Toprope as a R.A.T.
1997 - 2000: Started company called Access Experts. I was involved with Access Experts as a
managing director, trainer, technician and site manager. (Left to pursue
freelance work opportunities)
2001 2004: Free lance access work as level 3 and Rope Access Trainer
2005 - 2009 Started company called Vertical Access CC.
I have since been involved with Vertical Access as a managing director, trainer, technician and project manager.
2008 2009 OFFSHORE: Irata 3 Rope Access supervisor on various platforms and an FPSO inspection projects. Gabon and UK North Sea.


Company: Experience gained:

Toprope Confined space wall thickness, photographic & video inspection of boilers and flue gas
1996 1997 ducts at power stations. Internal wall thickness and photographic inspections of cooling towers at cement manufacturing plant.

Access Experts UT (A,B & C) scans of acid storage tanks on acid plant. Internal confined space wall 1997 2001 thickness inspections of cooling towers, cyclones, ducting in cement plant and report
writing thereof, confined space wall thickness inspections of boiler tubes in power
stations, Wall thickness inspections of pressure vessels at Engen refinery. UT flow
measurement at Nissan SA. Coating inspection on power station purification plant.

Freelance Freelance rope access technician for various companies namely:
2001 2005 Confined space video and ultrasonic wall thickness inspections of power station boiler tubes, flue gas ducting, powder form pipes on many various power stations. Confined space internal video inspections of 150m dust stacks. Various building inspections and report writing there of

Vertical Access Offshore UT and MPI inspections of various structures in Gabon West Africa. MPI, UT
2005 - 2009 and PT inspections of pipelines and structures on Haewene Brim FPSO - North Sea. Internal confined space inspections of storage silos at Sasol Refinery. Various building inspections.

I am fluent with P & ID as well as isometric drawings.


During the past 12 years as a RAT I have also gained experience in: Rigging, blasting, coating application, rope access training, lagging, geotechnical work, bird proofing, asbestos removal, core drilling, compensator replacements, glass glazing, window cleaning, signage installations, alien vegetation removal, marketing, quoting and consulting. Detail on this experience is available on request


RIGGING EXPERIENCE: (Kindly note that this is a reflection of my rigging experience only)
13 years, 12 000 rope access hours

Company: Experience gained:

Toprope Rope Access Technician
1996 1997
Climbing wall construction and Scaffold installations Limited Rigging Experience gained 1996 1997 here.

Access Experts Rigger & Rope Access Technician
1997 2001
Show rigging of sound, audio visual and lighting for many international artists & shows namely: Benson & Hedges Int. Film Festival rigging of 70 tonne movie screen, Bee Gees, Asha, Counting Crows (tour), Cyprus Hill, Black Eyed Peas, Josh Groban, Brian Adams, Christina Aguilera, Massive Mix (Metalica, Collective Soul, Seather, Simple Plan, Fat Boy Slim), World Summit (Dome & Ubuntu Village), Bollywood DBN, CORA Music Awards, Indian Film Awards, WWF, Indian Film Awards, Ja Rule, Mandela 85th Birthday, 46664 rock show (Annie Lennox, Queen, Wilbur Smith, ), Enrique Eglisias, Mama Mia and REM, David Gray, Jay-z, Billy Joel, Live, Unite Against the Stars, Auto Africa, Ronan Keating, Josh Groban, Bananarama, Marcos Hernandez, Will Young, Shayne Ward, Renee Alstead, The Chippendales, Violent Fems, Celine Deon, 46664 (2007), Jethro Tull.
Loads rigged here all varied between 10 and 40 tonnes and involved the use of Chain hoists, lever hoists, various motor hoists, steel wire ropes, slings, shackles, o rings, and many other rigging components used in unison to carry out complicated lifts from temporary and permanent roof structures.
Rigging moving lighting trussing and 3 tons of cabling at the top of a 27m under ground (150m) tunnel for a launch in Saudi Arabia.
Billboard signage construction and Rigging.

Freelance Freelance rigger & rope access technician for various companies namely:
2001 2005 Abseiling Enterprises, Praxis, Skyriders, Access Masters, Access Experts, Sparkling
Windows, Access Services & Projects, K2, Gear House - South Africa (Rigging
Department), and Alnix Stainless, Wilson Bayley Holmes

Construction of cat ladders and platforms on 150m dust stack at 100m level at Camden Power station
Construction and dismantling of temporary suspended platform on top 150m dust stack at Camden Power Station
Designing, co-ordinating and rigging a working platform using 15 tons of steel in a remote area in Mozambique using extremely limited equipment. Everything had to be rigged from the top, each I-beam weighed between 300 and 1000 kg. We had 1 beam trolley, 2 chain blocks and a JCB with a few slings and shackles. We also had to remove two concrete blocks weighing 7 tons each. They were precariously hanging from reinforcing steel and would cause the whole bridge to collapse if were not removed properly. This was all done at a height of 25 meters
Steel cable, loadstar motor and associated rigging equipment inspections
Construction and rigging of advertising signage boards,
Show rigging for various international shows and artists,
Stunt rigging for the advertising and movie industry,
Lifting and positioning new mini inside a scaffolding tower at 15 m

Vertical Access Rigger and Rope Access Technician
2005 - 2009
Construction dismantling and rigging of Stage Co roof structures for concerts
Construction and Rigging of 33 Ton sign structure at 200m level on Jhb Hilbrow Tower.
Stadium Construction- New Durban Stadium Installation of 10m x 150 mm steel wire rope structural support bracings, assisted installations of 15 tonne vertical pillars and 25 tonne compression ring sections, anchor placements for stay cables & turfor jacks and various other rigging operations.
Installations of air hoists and chain Hoists in precarious positions in preparation for rigging operations on board Haewene Brim.

Highest structure worked on: 280m

I have carried out many lifts over the past 13 years with out a single accident or incident.

I am fully capable in the following rigging aspects:

Offshore procedures
Setting up and implementing safe lifting plans and risk assessments
Working safely at height and managing a team working at height
Crane communication and use of cranes for lifting operations
Proper use of hydraulic jacks, turfors, chain hoists, lever hoists, slings, skates, beam trolleys and clamps shackles and lifting other devices
Slinging and banks man operations
Managing and carrying out simple and complicated lifts according to lifting plans and risk assessments set out.
Inspection of lifting components
Understanding of LOLER and associated laws


I also have much experience not covered here in other rope access associated tasks such as:

Confined space entry and management
Ultrasonic, MPI & PT Inspection
Lagging Installations
Coating applications
Geotechnical drilling
Mechanical applications
A very motivated, honest and reliable individual