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QA/QC Inspector/Engineer (General / Mechanical / structural / Piping
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AWS-CWI (Certified welding Inspector) course by American Welding society
Certification Number 09094541


Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing

Diploma In Office management

Microsoft word
Microsoft excel
Microsoft outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint

AutoCAD 2009 (2D,3D) (Autodesk Certification

Bachelor Of Engineering In Mechanical (BE)
Anna University - Chennai with first class (2004- 07)

Diploma In Automobile Engineering (DAE)
State Board of Technical Education - Kerala with first class (2001-04)

1. Company - M/s. Fabtech Abu Dhabi LLC / U.A.E (Fabtech Group of companies)
Period - October 2007 to June 2009
Position Title - QA/QC Inspector/Engineer
Position Level - Junior Executive
Activity - 1. Fabrication and erection of Heavy Structural Steels (such as columns , beams, Rafters and Buckstays, Bracings ,Build up beams ,Plate and pipe supports ,stairs ,ladders , Hand rails, checker plates, perlings , etc) , Storage tanks , Silos , Pre - Casting moulds, Overhead Cranes, Ship Loaders and unloaders , Hooper, cones, Conveyers Casings ,etc jobs With Blasting and protective coating for petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, cement plants, buildings, bridges, Ready mix plants, Glass plants, Steel plants, etc
2. Factory Having specialized area for Blasting and Protective coating for Pipe lines, Pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping and Accessories , Boilers, All Equipments and structures for petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, cement plants, buildings, bridges, Ready mix plants, Glass plants, Steel plants, Offshore and Onshore Construction, etc


• Conducting and participation of pre-inspection meetings with client and Vendors and formulating the ways of inspection at par with the approved inspection test plan
• Review of Inspection & Test Plan, Material verification, all stages of inspection, Dimensional inspection, Welding inspection, Final visual & painting inspection.

• Material and welding consumable inspection:- Inspection of raw material as per procurement order (P.O.) and reviewing of mill test certificate (MTC) and related procurement documents for traceability and conformance to mechanical /Chemical properties in accordance with applicable Codes & standard like ASTM, ASME, AWS, BS, AND API, etc. Inspection of filler rods, fluxes and shielding gases

• Fit-up Inspection:- Inspection of the fit-ups in the in-process stage with respect to visual, dimensional and orientation compliance as per the approved drawings and specifications
• Knowledge of reading and making inspection of First Angle (US Std) and Third angle projection (International Std) Drawings. Familiar with and hands on with most measuring/inspection tools, equipments & instruments

• Welding inspection :- Familiar with most of the Welding Processes like SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW & Stud Welding for CS, SS, Mild steel, Cast iron etc.
• Control of welding process as per applicable WPS & PQR requirements. Have been experienced and well versed with the codes like AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX. Monitoring and expedition of NDT requirements. Review of Weld Map, Welding Schedule.
• Carrying out welding inspection of all kinds of structures, with the special interest in Heavy steel structures, Storage tanks, Ducting, critical crane components etc. as per the related applicable codes and have been well experienced.
• Experienced with the preparation cum maintenance of welders performance qualification record and welders performance rating thro’ welders and welding control log.

• NDT (Non Destructive Testing):- Experienced in various Non destructive inspection techniques in accordance with ASME Sec V like Visual inspection, Ultrasonic inspection, Radiographic inspection, Radiographic film interpretation, Dye Penetrant inspection, Magnetic Particle inspection, etc.
• Experienced with the Interpretation of the Radiographs as per the approved procedures and the relevant international acceptance standards.

• Blasting and painting inspection :- Blasting and painting inspection of various Fabricated products by using magnetic dry film gauge and calibrating with the approved / standard DFT gauges during blasting, priming, mid and final coat stages and maintaining the records for all the stages of inspection.
• Blasting and Painting equipment conditions are monitored and Painting instrument working condition and calibration date keep in updating, Maintained relevant documents in quality manner at all times.

• Before blasting and Painting environmental conditions were checked and verified and recorded,(Surface temperature, Air temperature ,Dew point and RH% )
Before blasting surface conditions were checked, after blasting surface preparation cleanness were checked according client requirements with international standard specifications

• Paint materials self life verified and every receiving material, Paints mixing ratio and pot life verified, Before paint application paint system verified according to client requirements

• During the Painting application Wet film thickness checked with comb gauge and controls the quality of the job. Time intervals between coats checked and followed by manufacturer recommendation/Specifications. After cured the paints visual inspection/ DFT inspection carried out according to clients specification

• Blasters and painters qualifications updated and preparing records up to date. Every blasters and painter workmanship keeps on maintained. Finally all Paint reports and documents prepared to submit QA Manager for approval, carrying out final inspection

• Documentation:-Preparation of different types of documentation, inspection formats. Preparation of final dossier for small projects, shipping documents. Documentation control certificates & technical data as required by the customer such as NDT Reports, Final Inspection Reports, Calibration Records, and Welder Performance Certificates etc. (MTC, Visual/Dimensional Inspection Reports, Weld Map, WPS/PQR/WQRT, NDT Reports, and Painting Inspection Reports) Review of Final Dossiers prior to acceptance of the product. Entering basic order events into job control system. Ensuring that the expediting guidelines are followed in quality activities.

Worked for clients like

• Consolidated contracting company
• Al jabber
• Danieli
• Cordioli C.S.P.A
• Belleli Energy SPA
• William HareUAE LLC, etc
• National Wheel J&P LLC
• Bildco
• Target Engineering
• Toyo engineering
• Petrofac
• Al Dhafra pipeline contracting
• Elematic OYAB
• Archirododon, Etc

2. Company - M/s. PeeKay Steel Casting Pvt Ltd,Kerala,India
Period - April 2007 to September 2007
Position - Quality Control Inspector
Position Level - Fresh/Entry Level
Activity - Manufacturing of Different Valve Bodies and Accessories


• Carry out dimensional Inspection for new sample castings and audit check dimensions for finished castings as per day schedule

• Measuring wall thickness in critical area by ultrasonic Inspection using D-meter

• To qualify prototype castings and clearance for bulk production

• Inspection of patterns as per client requirements

• Provide technical support to mechanical design moulds/ Manufacturing operations

• Melt charge calculation for alloy steel and carbon steel.

• Welding specification for steel grade.

• Integrating operational excellence in product and development.

• Work with guide a set of design professionals to launch new products.

• Heat treatment techniques for steel.

• Liaise and obtain technical clearance from customers and final inspection and quality control record work and submit documents


• Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Tiruchirappalli
• Koso Fluid & Controls Pvt. Ltd
• Fisher - Xomox Sanmar Limited , Chennai
• KSB, Coimbatore
• Cardwell Westinghouse, USA
• Termomecannica Pompe, Italy. etc