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NDT Technician (Fresh)
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Country: Malaysia
I am willing to Travel.
I am on a job and will finish soon.
Currently working but always looking.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Currently I haven't achieve any cerification in NDT.
Institute: Sheffield Hallam University (UK)
Qualification: BEng (Hons) Materials and
Manufacturing Engineering
Graduated in: December 2007 to December 2008
Course Profile: This course builds on the core concepts of materials and manufacturing, which includes:
-Joining Technology and Non Destructive Testing
-Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems
-Degradation and Surface Engineering
X -Advanced Investigatory Techniques
X -Composite Materials Technology

Institute: Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Qualification: Advanced Diploma In Technology
(Materials and Manufacturing Engineering)
Graduated in: May 2005 to October 2007
Course Profile:
Final Year Project V Study of Cast Iron and Aluminium
Alloys (LM 25) by using Sand Casting
o Determine the mechanical properties of both materials by mean of Tensile Testing, Vickers Hardness Testing and Microstructure Inspection.
o Sample (Yo-yo toy), using lathe and CNC machines for surface finishing and make it becomes a playable toy.

- Studied NDT subject: Advanced Materials Testing and

Institute: Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Qualification: Diploma In Technology (Materials and
Manufacturing Engineering)
- Studied NDT subject: Materials Testing and Evaluation.
Company: Greifen Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: Oct 08 to Present
Position: Project Coordinator
Responsibilities: Managing subordinates by:
▪ Ensuring the quantity the new arrival of door
accessories is conformed to the record in the computer
data entry system;
▪ Ensuring those new arrival stocks item is operational - quality control approach;
▪ Preparing stock for delivery that requested from
salesmen or customers and preparing the mock-up sample
occasionally requested from customers;
▪ Delivering the prepared stock to client on time;
▪ Installing and mending the door accessories in
construction sites or customers house; and
▪ Maintaining the balance of stocks to avoid stock
shortage or theft;
▪ Ensuring the every project is to be carried out

Company: 3C Finishing Limited
Duration: Mar 08 to Dec 08
Position: General Worker
Responsibilities: The general works cover:
X▪ Ensuring safety in the workplace is always maintained;
X▪ Feeding printed products, i.e. gift pack, wallet,
brochure, folder, etc for gluing, laminating and window
patching machines;
▪ Ensuring finished product is maintained to the company
standards before putting into carton box; and
▪ Piling up the carton boxes in a pallet;

Company: Greifien Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Duration: Nov 01 to Sept 07
Position: Locksmith (Part Time Work)
Responsibilities: Mastering keying system, preparing of pinning for lockset systems and cut keying system;
X▪ Repairing faulty locksets and do quality control on
incoming lockset stocks;X
▪ Installing lockset at job site and learnt how to use
laser guided leveling equipment to measure the level
of the windows and door frames;
X▪ Gaining knowledge on carpentry on preparing some
lockset mock up sample for presentation.
During my study, I developed my exposure and knowledge in chosen area. One of the subjects that I have learnt during my education covered a wide range of NDT Testing. I am confident that I able to contribute to your company with the learning I gained and I can make a success of this role.

My study has also equipped me with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a group or as an individual. Being highly motivated and aspiring, I am also looking forward to a career that enables me to enrich myself and my professional skills.