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State: SC South Carolina
Country: United States
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NDT inspector… VT, PT, ET, UT, UTT, MT, RT,CRT, SRT
Quality Assurance Inspector
Corrosion Control Inspector
NDI Shop Supervisor
Hydraulic Shop Supervisor
Hydraulic Line Fabricator
Sheet Metal / Structural Mechanic
High school graduate
US Navy "A" School (AMS)
US NAVY "C" School (NDI)
2009 DSE Systems LLC
I performed inspections as the Level II for there x-ray department where I have designed the techniques and wrote the procedures for the real time x-rays and the CR for the 918 projectile and the full up ballistic rounds for the 40 mm grenades.

2007-2009 Applied Technical Services
Performed various inspections on various parts for a wide range of customers including Goodrich, Lockheed Martian, Wabco, GE, B.A.S.F. and Duke Energy

2004-2006 L-3 Communication Performed Ultrasonic Inspection for the new TCTO 1889 & 1872 on Air Force C-130’s through out the United States .

2003-2004 Raytheon Aerospace.Performed all NDT inspections on all helicopters and support equipment for one year in Balid Iraq.

2001-2002 Lockheed Martin Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Performed NDT inspections on C-130’s and support equipment for the Royal Saudi Air Force and trained their personnel on NDT insp. and procedures.

2000 Columbia Helicopters Hydraulic Mechanic Contractor for the Boeing 107 & 234 logging overhauled hydraulic components. Testing of all rebuilt components. Manufactured and fabricated hydraulic lines and hoses.

1997-2000 San Joaquine Helicopters Lead Hydraulic supervisor on the S-2 Turbo Tracker project for the California Department of Forestry. Performed all NDT insp. required on the annual insp. Inspected and tested over 2500 hydraulic and fuel lines, manufactured over 3300 hydraulic lines. Wrote redlines and deviation requests for the hydraulic systems modifications when needed.

1996 Decisive Testing Live Source Radiographer Technician. Performed over 1800 live source radiation x-rays on the 805 overpasses in San Diego for the earthquake retrofit. Also performed x-ray on blocks of high-density ceramic for the heat shields for J.P.L. and NASA.

1996-1997 United States Navy Res. Aviation NDT Technician. Performed inspections on numerous fixed and rotary wing type aircraft and components.

1986-1996 United States Navy Aviation Structural / Corrosion Control / NDT Technician. Developed x-ray Technique to detect defects in bomb hoist cables, increasing personal safety and equipment reliability. Trained new technicians in various applications of NDT inspections. Performed over 3600 inspections in the six years, on most all types of aircraft the Navy had including land base as well as shipboard aircraft.

Certifiable Level II NDI Technician. Having over twenty years experience in the NDI field and worked on all types of aircraft for the Military and various companies. Even in the construction field, doing live source x-rays for California’s overpasses in San Diego I’m eager and willing to step up to the challenges and responsibilities put to me by you and your company.