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Master of Science in Geography, Concentration Geographic Information Systems – December 1996

Bachelor of Science Double Major: Environmental Geoscience, Geography – May 1987
MACKIN ENGINEERING COMPANY – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

GIS Coordinator 2007 - Present
Manager GIS Services 2002 - 2006

Designed, coordinated, and managed all GIS activities for multiple projects and activities within the GIS department as well as departments utilizing the GIS technology. Successfully developed and implemented a plan for the integration of the GIS technology into the Environmental, Planning, and Traffic departments thereby allowing individual Project Managers and personnel to work on specific projects with the end result being an increase in project productivity and efficiency as well as significant cost savings.

• Supervise the development and operation of the Mackin Geographic Information System.
• Configure and maintain all GIS hardware and software.
• Developed a series of GIS instructional courses in order to educate and or train company personnel in the capabilities, functions and applications of ArcGIS. The on going goals of these training sessions are to enable the end users to function at either a GIS Technician or Analyst level.
• Work directly with the Planning, Environmental, and Traffic departments to locate, edit and or develop GIS based data as well as initial project Geodatabase and function as the (GIS) project manager for a wide range of projects requiring the use of the technology.
• Conduct extensive research in the areas of Historical Geography and Industrial Archaeology as they pertain to prior land use and potential land development.
• Identify, recommend, and implement alternative and creative methods for the creation and production of user-specified maps and graphic products.
• Develope, document, implement, and maintain GIS project data, metadata, and Geodatabase standards
• Write and submit GIS project proposals, as well as the GIS section for all of the Planning, Traffic, and Environmental departments’ project proposals.
• Establish contracts with vendors and consultants for the purposes of data development, and work directly with them in order to assure the highest standards in the area of quality control.
• Meet with existing and potential clients for the purposes of ascertaining their specific project requirements and possible GIS needs.
• Work directly with our Marketing Directors in the pursuance of GIS-based business development opportunities throughout the state of Pennsylvania
• Upon completion of project datasets and or Geodatabases, implement the GIS software and data on site at the client’s business location as well as instruct or train clients in the use of specific GIS software packages. In addition provide all GIS application support to the end-users.


Lead GIS Analyst, Project Manager 2006 - 2007

Was responsible for the oversight and coordination of all GIS activities, and the assessment of needs for the successful integration of the GIS technology in the following departments; Community Planning, Transportation Planning, Site Remediation, and Environmental of the Environmental Planning and Management Practice group.

• Ascertained the current GIS needs and level of expertise required by department personnel in order to meet project and or departmental requirements, developed the necessary instructional materials and outlines in order to train key personnel in order to meet and achieve those needs.
• Designed, developed, and coordinated the GIS element for all projects and activities that required any form of digital data creation, analysis, and cartographic output. Included within this was the management and oversight of all aspects of data development, conversion, and updating of project datasets, as well as performed, when required, the data analysis as specified by the individual project managers
• Determined the necessary accuracy and type of GIS information needed for all new projects and proposals.
• Composed or was directly involved in the writing of the GIS section for all proposals generated by the Environmental, Planning, and Management Practice groups.
• Identify, recommend, and implement creative methods for the creation of user or client specified maps and graphic products for projects for use in public as well as internal meetings.

HOCKING COLLEGE – Nelsonville, Ohio

Instructor 1998 - 2001

Primary responsibilities were in the structured classroom and field instruction of students in the areas of GIS and GPS; classes taught covered the full scope of GIS and GPS courses offered within the curriculum. The educational level of courses ranged from the introductory to the advanced with an emphasis focusing on the "hands-on" approach.

• Modified existing courses within the curriculum in order to keep current with industry standards and the constantly changing GIS technology, additionally developed new GIS courses with specific applications within specialty areas
• Advised students in regard to scheduling courses as well as their individual career directions within the GIS and GPS industry.
• Served as project coordinator for student internships and GIS projects.
• Functioned as the Technology Coordinator of which the responsibilities associated with this position included the scheduling of all GIS courses, GPS courses, and faculty for each quarter. In addition conducted weekly technology meetings with colleagues in order to discuss any faculty and/or student needs.
• Managed the 2 GIS/GPS labs and maintained each of the labs 20 computers including all hardware and software installations and upgrades. Obtained cost quotes and was responsible for the ordering of all new GIS, GPS hardware and software.

SENATE ENGINEERING COMPANY – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

GIS Manager 1998

Tasked with the development and management of the new Senate Engineering GIS department.

• Recommended and purchased all GIS software, moreover configured and maintained all GIS hardware and software.
• Designed, developed, and coordinated the GIS element for all projects and activities that required any form of digital data creation, analysis, and cartographic output. Included within this was the management and oversight of all aspects of data development, conversion, and updating of project datasets, as well as performed, when required, the data analysis as specified by the individual project managers
• Determined the necessary accuracy and type of GIS information needed for all new projects and proposals.
• Wrote and submitted all GIS project proposals.
• Met with municipal clients to discuss their specific needs and project requirements, and worked with company engineers to design and develop new GIS systems for individual municipalities.
• Established contracts with vendors for the purpose of GIS data development, and worked directly with them in order to maintain the highest level of data accuracy.
• Upon completion of the project data, implemented the GIS system within the municipal offices. Additionally trained clients in the use of the MapInfo and ArcView software packages and served as their technical advisor and software support.


Director of Operations 1997 - 1998

Responsible for the daily operation and coordination of company activities.

• Supervised GIS and CADD technicians and was responsible for maintaining strict deadline adherence.
• Maintained company hardware and software, this included the evaluation of new GIS software packages in order to meet the demands of clients with unique applications.
• Met with potential clients to discuss GIS needs and specific requirements.
• Composed and submitted all project proposals.
• Complete project design, development, and implementation of GIS systems for local municipalities and authorities.
• Training of clients in the use of GIS and CADD software packages, and to serve as their technical support.

Indiana University of PA – Indiana, Pennsylvania

GIS Lab Technician 1996

Maintained the GIS hardware and software within the Department of Geography and Regional Planning.

• Assisted professors in the evaluation of various GIS software capabilities. Included with this was the occasional completion of student class assignments for instructors, the purpose being to identify potential problems with the software and or data sets.
• Assist the students in the use of the various GIS software packages used in the GIS and Cartography classes.


GIS Technician 1995 - 1996

Initial responsibilities consisted of editing maps for the Pennsylvania One Call System Incorporated, although eventually became directly involved in multiple projects on varying levels.

• Additional duties were project specific for municipalities within Pennsylvania:
• Creation and customization of the GIS for the Huntingdon County Planning Commission - This involved the creation of a multi-purpose cadast for parcel-based analysis, and the correction of the county's existing data sets.
• Assisted in the development of the Cranberry Township GIS - Project involved the creation of a land use database for the purpose of parcel inventory and land-use.
• Completion of the GIS for the City of DuBois - This was a grant-funded project that required the creation and completion of a citywide database. Included within this database were layers consisting of infrastructure, zoning, land-use, recreation, topography, and numerous additional data layers as required by the in-house City Engineer.

CABOT OIL & GAS CORPORATION – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gas Measurement Supervisor 1989 - 1995

Responsible for the supervision and coordination of all activities of Cabot Oil and Gas’s Gas Measurement Department.

• Supervised the duties and activities of the Integrator Operators within the Gas Measurement Department.
• Monitored the daily production and data entry of volumetric information for over 2000 oil and gas wells and meters.
• Allocated monthly gas volumes to individual wells and meters based upon utility company sales volumes.
• Tracked and resolved gas production volume discrepancies.
• Prepared and balanced monthly utility company volume statements.
• Interfaced with engineering, accounting, and field offices in providing and receiving measurement information in order to meet company production deadlines.
• Was directly involved in the design and installation of the following gas measurement\accounting programs and databases:
• Cabot internally designed gas volume calculation and allocation system.
• The BMP Gas Measurement System - used specifically for chart integration and volume calculations.
• The Oilfield Workstation (TOW) - designed to allocate and maintain gas volumes of the individual gathering systems.

Engineering Technician

Provided technical assistance to the Petroleum Engineers within the Engineering Department.

• Gathered and evaluated geologic, volumetric, and gas well data.
• Developed and served the database manager for the Aries system which maintained well production data and allowed for the economic modeling of gas wells.
• Worked with the software package, GeoGraphix for creating geologic maps for use by the engineers.
• Assisted the individual engineers with various projects, additionally designed and developed projects that were for interdepartmental use.

Geologic Technician

Performed numerous geo-technical duties for the Geology Department.

• Interpreted well logs, analyzed formations and depth determinations for company well files and the Department of Environmental Resources reports.
• Created geologic formation well logs cross sections.
• Worked with core samples and well cuttings for formation analysis and the creation of Petrologs.
• Cartographic activities included the preparation and update of well location and lease maps as well as various subsurface geologic maps.

CNG DEVELOPMENT COMPANY - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Geologic Draftsman 1988 - 1989

Updated CNGD well location maps, lease/property maps, and pipeline maps with locations and all other
required information. This process involved working with hard copy well plats, lease contracts, as well as pipeline location plats, and siting the locations on Mylar maps.

• Calculated property acreage through the use of a planimeter and utilized the company's land/lease management system as well as hardcopy records in order to ascertain accurate information concerning the locations of company and competitor holdings.
• Designed and drafted projects based on the specifications of individual geologists and engineers.


Senior Cartographer 1987 - 1988

Assisted in the design and creation of regional and local advertiser maps for area Chambers of Commerce.

• Met with the individual advertisers and chamber members to determine specific project requirements.
• Developed map and add layouts to meet all advertiser and client requirements.
• Gathered and interpreted source maps, aerial photographs and additional data in order to provide the client with maps of the highest degree of accuracy.
• Full map creation using the “scribe”technique.



Initially performed various cartographic duties and assisted drafting personnel.

• Installed the AutoCAD Map software package and converted existing data sets for use within the package.
• Linked the MCNIC investors’ external database to a regional counties data set for the purpose of creating thematic maps.
• Assisted in the creation of promotional document/presentation outlining the advantages of GIS within the oil and gas industry to MCNIC management.
• Created a detailed technical users guide to be used with AutoCAD Map.

CITY OF DUBOIS – DuBois, Pennsylvania

Responsible for the coordination, development, and implementation of the new City GIS system for the City of DuBois Engineering department, this also included the ArcGIS training of key personnel.


• Conducted meetings with the Butler County Commissioners and County personnel in order to determine individual departmental GIS needs and specific applications, and worked to outline the necessary strategy for a smooth integration of the new system into those departments.
• Established budgetary parameters for the various GIS activities and made software recommendations based upon anticipated uses and applications within the individual County departments.
• Obtained and converted all digital datasets for incorporation into the new developing system, and made arrangements with vendors for additional data creation. Additionally developed all base map layers through the use of various GIS and CADD software packages.
• Worked with the Southwest Regional Planning Commission, local engineering firms, and municipal authorities to establish and maintain data sharing agreements.
• Designed and created a pilot project using the townships of Clinton and Buffalo as part of a joint comprehensive plan.


• Performed data creation and updates for the municipal sewer and water systems.
• Trained municipal personnel in the use of GPS equipment and instructed in the use of MapInfo.
• Directed and was responsible for the conversion of all GIS datasets from the MapInfo format into the ArcGIS format.




Editorial Assistant
Technology, Landscape, and Arrested Development: essays on the geography of marginality. ed. Vincent P. Miller, Jr. Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA 1997


GIS software: ArcGIS 9.2, ArcGIS Extensions: Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, and Network Analyst, ArcView 3.3, MapInfo 9.5, AutoCAD 2010, Autodesk Map 3D 2006, Microstation V8, CommunityViz 3.3, SiteBuilder 3D, and ModelBuilder 3D.

GPS hardware/software: Trimble GeoExplorer 3, Pro XR, Pathfinder Office.

Oil and Gas industry software: The Oilfield Workstation (TOW), BMP gas measurement software, GeoGraphix, Aries engineering/economic database.

Remote Sensing software: MicroMSI, Idrisi