NDT trainee

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State: ON Ontario
Country: Canada
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
No CGSB or API certifications at this time. Looking for co-op opportunities in order to get my required certification hours.
Mohawk College student 2nd year of NDE (Sept 2009 - present)

- Completed Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle levels 1&2, Certified Exposure Device Operator, and Radiography level 1, Ultrasonics Level 1, currently working to complete Eddy Current

- Knowledge gained in design and management structure from courses AutoCAD and Quality respectively

- S.O.S team at Mohawk residence
- Organized events for our residence community such as BBQ's, movie nights, competitions, etc.
Wal-Mart Brockville Sept 2007 - Sept 2009:

- Worked in a fast pace environment
- Was responsible for many departments
- Communicated accurately with customers, co-workers, managers
- Managed time effectively when working, cleaning, and performing closing procedures
- Excellent memorization of 12 aisles of product, and backroom shelves/skids
- Organized skids and shelving while maintaining safety and assisting customers
- Very focused on the job

Home Business DVD Memories October 2005 - September 2009:

- Managed advertisement of business
- Efficiently organized appointments, time, and money
- Completed projects on time for customers
- Great comfort in working with computers/electronics

The Source Burlington Mall April 2010 - present:

- Worked well with customers to provide them with the right product
- Servicer, troubleshooter, expert of products
- Skilled in math as a cashier and counting the tills at the end of the day
- Trusted to handle money, keys, codes, sensitive business information, etc.


- Worked well under pressure and time constraints
- Excellent physical endurance in landscaping
- Co-operated effectively with others in a team effort
- Valuable experience gained in the field of design

- Quality engineering technician-NDE student actively seeking a co-op in the field of NDT.
- A very communicative, organized individual who wants to work.
- Have responsibility it takes to perform a good job efficiently and diligently
- A hardworking, respectful, honest adult that is not afraid of working hard
- Always punctual and does not mind a heavy workload
- Easygoing individual that gets along well with others
- Maintain a positive attitude
- Always strive to be the best I can be


- Hands on individual, handyman, inventor, techie
- Built a go-kart from absolute scratch in summer of 2008 to race around
- Helped build family home in the summer of 2007. Maintained ATV’s, lawn mower, bikes, and cars
- Enjoy various sports such as sailing, canoeing, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, wakeboarding, and reading


- Ontario Scholar Award (for achieving honor grades 80+ in all of high school)
- McCarthy Award for Excellence
- Member of High IQ society (MENSA)