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API 510 / 570 AWS CWI
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State: LA Louisiana
Country: United States
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API 510 (96%) / API 570 (98%) / AWS CWI (86% Avg.) / Former In-House Level III RT, Level II PT, MT, UTT
May 2016 – Atlas Training
• API 570 Preparatory Course
Jan 2016 – Mark Smith Training Services
• API 510 Preparatory Course
Jun 2011 – American Welding Society
• AWS Certified Welding Inspection Preparatory Course
Mar 2001 – Sep 2006 - Certified Through Team Industrial Services and National Inspection Services
• Weld Quality Film Interpretation Course.
• Radiography – Level I and II Training Courses.
• Magnetic Particle – Level I and II Training Courses.
• Dye Penetrant – Level I and II Training Courses.
• Radiation Safety Course
• Virtual Media Integration (VMI) Digital Radiography Training Course.
• 40 Hour Core Compliance Hazcom/Hazwoper Course.
Class of 1998 - Alfred M. Barbe H.S.
Lake Charles, La
• High School Diploma Received
Contract Turnaround API Inspector Feb 2017 to Mar 2017
TUV SUD – Houston, TX
Performed in-service tower, drum, and piping inspections during the Lyondell-Basell 2017 Turnaround.
• Units worked- C4, Alky (Sulfuric Acid), MTBE, Utilities.
• Evaluated internal vessel components for serviceability.
• Directed by API Lead to serve as Drum Lead.
• Created detailed inspection reports using Meridium software.
• Generated repair recommendations based on applicable code requirements.
• Code repair and piping package reviews and walk downs.
• Worked closely with Lyondell-Basell Inspection and Engineering representatives to produce viable solutions for turnaround inspection obstacles.

Contract Turnaround API/Quality Assurance Inspector Jul 2016 to Nov 2016
Weld Spec Inc – Lumberton, TX
Served as the API 570 Flange Tracking Coordinator at the Atmospheric Vacuum Unit and performed Quality Assurance duties at the Delayed Coker Unit during the Valero Port Arthur 2016 turnaround.
Atmospheric Vacuum Unit (147 AVU)
• Responsible for creating, implementing, and maintaining a flange tracking system per Valero's BP-002 guidelines.
• Redlined P&ID's for discrepancies between existing diagrams and actual field installation, process related changes made during the turnaround and generated new P&ID for new fixed equipment installations.
• Liaison between contractor QC, refinery QA and Valero engineering to satisfy items needing further clarification, substitutions, verifications, or conflict resolutions.
• Transitioned to lead API during final quarter of the 147 turnaround.
Delayed Coker Unit (843 DCU)
• Performed pre-PSSR walk downs based on schedule priority.
• Liaison between all parties as done at AVU as well as providing daily informational correspondence to Valero turnaround team.
• Directed QA inspectors to perform inspections as start-up priority dictated.
• Review of pre-hydro and final job packages.

Area N Lead Quality Control Inspector Aug 2015 to Jul 2016
Weld Spec Inc. – Lumberton, TX
Provided third party quality control support for Richards Industrial Group during the Westlake Petrochemical expansion project and 2016 turnaround.
• General quality control functions including welding, piping, mechanical, structural, new and in-service fixed equipment, and coating inspections performed with primary focus in the Area N portion of the expansion project. Occasionally dispatched to other areas to offer intellectual support as needed.
• Performed quality control for code packages during in-service pressure vessel repairs, alterations, and internal component restorations.

Lead Quality Assurance Inspector Jun 2014 to Aug 2015
Weld Spec Inc. – Lumberton, TX
Represented Huntsman as a resident inspector at a local fabrication shop for six months before transferring to Huntsman's Port Neches facility to serve as the project quality assurance lead on their F8 aqueous ethylene oxide unit.
• Verified required NDE, job scope, and existing piping repairs were completed satisfactorily at the fabrication shop before shipment permissions were granted.
• Performed daily fabrication shop audits of the craft work in process to assure compliance with Huntsman authorized welding procedures and construction protocols.
• Inspected a multitude of previously in-service piping spools and fixed equipment for process induced damage mechanisms and mechanical damage incurred by site relocation.
• Performed new construction welding, mechanical, paint and insulation inspections.
• Executed thorough contractor hydro and final package reviews.
• Participated in PSSR walk downs as Huntsman inspection group representative.
• Promptly communicated and addressed inspection findings with Huntsman's F8 construction team to mitigate the deferral of critical repairs due to project schedule commitments.

In-House Level III RT, Level II PT, MT, UTT, CWI Jun 2012 to Jun 2015
National Inspection Services – Scott, LA
Primarily served as a Level III radiographic film auditor with intermediate assignments as a certified welding inspector at a variety of locations.
• Audited radiographic film for quality and interpreted weld imperfections.
• Reviewed radiographic field procedures and reports to ensure compliance with code and customer specific requirements.
• Performed visual, dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing on in-service piping and fixed equipment during Entergy's spring 2014 shutdown in Eunice Louisiana.
• Had the pleasure of serving Spectra Energy, Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, Air Products, Plains All American Pipeline, Entergy and DCP Midstream during tenure.

CWI Inspector Apr 2012 to Jun 2012
Double M Inc. – Abbeville, LA
Site CWI inspector during the Cavern 2 Natural Gas Conversion project at AGL Resources in Beaumont Texas.
• Reviewed and approved welding procedures.
• Tested welders, field monitored welding variables and visually accepted welds.
• Reviewed RT film and NDE reports.
• Generated as-built drawings for use in final turnover package.
• 100% weld and heat number tracking.

CWI Turnaround Inspector Mar 2012 to Apr 2012
Savoy Technical Services (Now Versa Integrity) – Sulphur, LA
Contracted to Tiger Tower Services to serve as the Area A & B inspector during the 2012 Coker I turnaround at Conoco-Phillips in Westlake, LA.
• Monitored welding variables in field.
• Performed visual inspection of repaired/replaced vessel attachments, repair and overlay welds, restored vessel internal components, and vessel closures.
• Coordinated NDE around scheduled work to maximize efficiency of crews.

Piping Field Engineer Jul 2011 to Mar 2012
Weld Spec Inc. – Lumberton, TX
Contracted to Bechtel to serve as a piping field engineer during the Delayed Coker Unit II new construction project at Motiva in Port Arthur, TX.
• Walked down test packages to ensure that all piping, valves and supports were installed in the field per isometric drawings, P & I D’s, and Bechtel/Motiva specifications.
• Generated and verified module, pre-hydro, and post-hydro test punch list items, identified system startup punch list items.
• Compared isometric drawings against P & I D’s for discrepancies, identified them and turned them over to engineering for review and correction.
• Conducted joint walk downs with Motiva representatives for compliance verification.

Quality Assurance Inspector Oct 2010 to Jul 2011
Tulsa Inspection Resources – Tulsa, OK
Recalled to serve as an inspection representative for Pine Prairie Energy Center (Plains Natural Gas) during their phase III project which included the installation of four electric natural gas compressors.
• Performed piping, welding, mechanical, utility, fixed equipment, and coating inspections at fabrication shops and at the Pine Prairie Energy Center site, constructed and walked down test packages.
• Responsible for keeping up with all pertinent documentation relating to the installation of electric Compressor’s 9 through 12 including MTR’s, NDE records, hydro packages, and full traceability.
• Revised isometric drawings in Adobe Acrobat to mirror field revisions and field routed piping, created new isometric drawings in Adobe Acrobat for smaller scale jobs which were subsequently issued for construction.

Quality Assurance Inspector Sep 2010 to Oct 2010
National Inspection Services – Scott, LA
Served as an inspection representative for Bobcat Gas Storage in Port Barre, LA during the A1 Phase of the project.
• Performed 3rd party inspections at a fabrication shop and at the Port Barre Bobcat Gas Storage facility. Inspections included welding, coating, utility, and traceability.
• Played key role in final document turnover packages with duties that included maintaining weld & heat number traceability, NDE records, welder qualifications, welding procedure qualification, MTR review and weld log generation.

Quality Assurance Inspector Jul 2007 to Sep 2010
Tulsa Inspection Resources – Tulsa, OK
Served as an inspection representative for Pine Prairie Energy Center (Plains Natural Gas) during their phase I & II projects which included the installation of six natural gas fired compressors and the development of five natural gas storage caverns.
• Reviewed site piping system turnover packages received by contractors for discrepancies.
• Built test and turnover packages for miscellaneous and major projects in the facility, walked and approved contractor hydro and pneumatic test and test packages.
• Interpreted radiographic film and directed NDE operations inside and about the site.
• Performed weld and heat number tracking, witnessed holiday detection and bolt torqueing, performed visual inspection of completed welds.
• Inspected piping and fixed equipment flanged connections to ensure internal cleanliness and proper flange assembly during final closure makeup, performed external inspections of fixed equipment upon delivery to site and post equipment installation inspection.
• Generated isometric drawings for company turnover packages and revised isometric drawings as needed.
• Played a role in material procurement for major and minor site projects.

Turnaround Quality Control Inspector Dec 2006 to Mar 2007
Starcon – Houston, TX
Served as a quality control inspector during the 2007 Lyondell-Houston Refinery FCCU turnaround in Houston, TX.
• Built test packages.
• Performed mechanical inspections, weld inspections and weld tracking on new and existing piping systems.
• Witnessed exchanger disassembly, repair, shell and tube side hydro tests and reassembly.
• Coordinated NDE for execution of package requirements and accepted piping hydrostatic tests per Lyondell specifications.

Turnaround Quality Control Inspector Sep 2006 to Dec 2006
Starcon – Houston, TX
Served as a quality control inspector during the 2006 Lyondell CVO-S turnaround in Channelview, TX.
• Visually inspected and tracked welds.
• Walked down piping and fixed equipment packages for mechanical scope completion.
• Field verified correct pressure setting, physical location, and mechanical integrity of relief devices.
• Walked and accepted hydrostatic tests per Lyondell specifications.

Level II RT, PT, MT Technician Mar 2001 to Sep 2006
Team Industrial Services / National Inspection Services – Sulphur, LA
Served as a call out and project Level II Technician.
• Performed digital/conventional radiographic, visible/fluorescent dye penetrant and dry/wet fluorescent/contrast magnetic particle testing.
• Numerous turnaround projects worked performing non-destructive examinations on the internal and external surfaces of in-service pressure vessels and piping for the discovery and repair of process induced corrosion and defects as well as general repair scope non-destructive examinations.
• Was continuously able to meet all company and industry specifications and exceed customer expectations.
Meticulous inspector with broad industry experience acquired over a 16+ year career which includes welding, new and in-service piping, new and in-service fixed equipment, traceability, utility, mechanical, and non-destructive inspections. Dynamic experience was achieved with assignments at petrochemical refineries, fabrication shops, pipelines, and natural gas storage facilities. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Bluebeam Revu. Ability to promptly type detailed reports and correspondents using professional terminology at an average speed of seventy words per minute. Can quickly read, accurately interpret, and create detailed equipment, isometric, and P&ID drawings. Familiar with several ASME and API codes, Process Industry Practices, and a variety of other industry standards. Current TWIC card (Exp. 05/2020).