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ASNT Level III UT,MT,PT,and ET with a Focus on Advanced Technologies
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State: PA Pennsylvania
Country: United States
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I am currently certified through ASNT as a Level III in ET, MT, PT, VT, and UT. I am currently certified PDI in RPV Plating and Inner Radius for detection from EPRI. I am currently certified API QUTE and QUPA. I have also passed EPRI PAUT for fossil plants performance demonstrations on fur sand long seam weld of high energy piping as well as boiler tubes
1990-1992 Northglenn Senior High School, Northglenn CO
1994-1997 Arkansas State University, Jonesboro AR
1998-1998 The Ocean Corporation, Houston TX

I have 12 hours in PT classroom training, 28 hours in MT classroom
training, 160 hours of UT classroom training, 46 hours of VT training and
160 hours in ET classroom training. I have also attended 80 hours of PhasedArray UT training and 24 hours of scanner training as well as 8 hours of equipment specific training on the Olympus Omniscan.
2017-present Westinghouse Electric Company.,NDE Level III

I currently perform procedure writing and review, as well as automated and manual inspections of plant components.

2008-2017Team Industrial Services Inc.,Level III Branch Advanced Technologies Manager

I performed UT exams using both conventional and phased array. I performed ECT on tubing as well as other electromagnetic methods such as Remote Field, IRIS, and Near Field Technique. I conducted inspections of welds using PT, and MT of piping and plate.I also acted as project Manager during Turnarounds and Outages.

2005-2008 Sonic Systems Inc., Level II NDE Tech

I conducted shear wave UT exams of plating and Inner Radius of reactor
vessels. I read isometric drawings of the plants to find components to be
inspected. I write reports on components that have been inspected. I am
also working as an operator for automated UT scans of piping using the
SMART system. I am responsible for calibrating the motion and
sequencing the motion to the scan, as well as calibrating the UT
equipment and making sure that good data has been collected. My duties
also include Visual exams of welds, snubbers and supports, as well as
concrete containment buildings. I also performed Phased Array Eddy
Current Inspections on DM welds, in order to replace PT exams in high
dose areas. All work was performed in nuclear plants.

2003-2005 TAI Services Inc., Level II Analyst

I was a representative of TAI in the Chicago area. I performed Eddy
Current, Magnetic Flux Leakage inspections on thin wall tubing in heat
exchangers and chillers. I also performed Mag Flux inspections of boiler
tubes. I was responsible for acquiring and analyzing data, as well as filling
out reports for the vessels that I had inspected, including defects found
and expense reports. I would then e-mail the reports to the office in
Marietta, GA where they were reviewed and then passed on to the

2002-2003 Sonic Systems Inc., Level II NDE Tech

While working for Sonic Systems, I was the lead man on several jobs. I
organized the work to be done by the crews and charted progress
throughout the job. I also performed inspections using ultrasonic testing
to track wall thickness and thinning of pipes. I read isometric drawings of
the plants to find components to be inspected. I prepared and
downloaded information to be reviewed by the engineering department. I
acted as liaison between the crews, the contracting company, and plant
engineers. All work was performed in nuclear plants.

2000-2002 Integrated Technologies Inc., Level II NDE Tech

My responsibilities included performing inspections using both eddy
current and ultrasonic methods of inspection, filling out reports, reading
isometric drawings and maintaining my certifications. While with ITI, I
worked in the nuclear and fossil industries.

1999-2000 Sonic Systems Inc., Level I NDE Tech

I assisted a Level II in inspections for wall thinning by drawing grids on
piping and filling out the reports of the inspections which had been done.
I also conducted inspections under the supervision of a Level II. All of the
work I performed for Sonic Systems was at various nuclear plants.

1998-1999 Oceaneering International Inc., Dive Tender

My duties were to make sure that all equipment was in good
working order and packed for jobs. I ran the decompression chamber,
tended to the divers, and performed the occasional dive. After the
completion of the jobs, I made sure that all equipment was packed,
cleaned, and then unloaded.