PT,EC,UT,RT,MT Level II: Prefer Customer Contact
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State: AL Alabama
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
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Non Destructive Testing certifications:
Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle
Fluorescent Penetrant
Ammonium Persulfate etch (caustic)
Sodium hydroxide etch

Attended US Air Force level 1, 3 and 5-level school for all disciplines. Certified as a Air Force five level (equal to the civilian level II) and civilian level II.
See Certifications.

Some college.
ALABAMA AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES INC, Birmingham, Alabama 2006-Present
Provides depot level aircraft inspection, repair, and modification.

Non Destructive Inspection/Quality Assurance
•NAS-410 & SNT-TC-1A Qualified and Certifiable Level II in X-ray, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Current, and Ultra-sonic testing.
•Worked with supervision, on-site engineering, government officials, and aircraft company representatives and operators.
•Provided OJT training and guidance for new technicians.
•Maintained inventory of all NDI materials and equipment
•Boeing approved Inspector of aircraft parts and ancillary equipment.
•Senior NDT Technician performed work on KC135, P3, and C130.
•Performed material-readiness, in-process, and final inspections of aircraft & sub-assemblies.

DEFENSE SUPPORT SERVICES (DS2), Lakenheath, UK and Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC 2004-2006
Provides skilled, civilian technical workers by contract to the US Air Force.

Non Destructive Inspection (NDI)
•Reduced work loads for shop by performing time-consuming NDI inspections and documentation, allowing shop personnel to do more required travel, training, and work.
•Performed equipment repairs and assisted in other shop responsibilities.
•Performed eddy current inspections on fourth-stage engine blades on F15 aircraft.

US AIR FORCE CIVIL SERVICE, Altus, Oklahoma 1998-2001
An operational US Air Force squadron operated by civilians for the military.

Crew Chief / Aircraft Mechanic
•Inspections, maintenance, record keeping, launch, recovery, and servicing of KC135(R) aircraft in compliance with FAA and military specifications.
•Upkeep of aircraft maintenance and service tracking documentation through aircraft forms and computer database.

•Field of non-destructive testing. Also known as non-destructive inspection, non-destructive evaluation, NDI, NDE, or NDT. 5-level, Staff Sergeant. Honorable Discharge

US AIR FORCE, 1985-1988
•Aircraft mechanic ("crew chief") on the KC135 and E3A aircraft. Honorable discharge.

Experienced in hardware, software and peripheral installation and use in PC environment using
Windows, Word, Photoshop, Pinnacle Liquid, Adobe Premiere, Secret security clearance.
Proficient in interacting with the public and positively representing the company I'm with.