CWI with Nuclear, Gas, Coal, DOE

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State: SC South Carolina
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am on a job and will finish soon.
AWS C.W.I. - # 04100451
AutoCAD (Autodesk AutoCAD & Microstation)
1987-1990 Myers Park Sr. High School-Charlotte, NC
High School Diploma

1993-1994 Central Piedmont Community College- Charlotte, NC
Welding and Metallurgy, no degree earned

1998-1999 Gulf Coast Commercial Diving Academy- Orange Beach, Al
Commercial Diving Diploma, Underwater Welding

2/13/02-12/02 AWS 3.6M-99 Certification Class B Qualification {UW/SMAW}
Stroud Diving/MESCO—Commercial Diving School-Jacksonville, Florida

2/2/09 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Construction Quality Management for Contractors

2010-Present Trident Technical College-Charleston,SC
Engineering Design Graphics-Autodesk AutoCAD & Microstation

8/16-Present Southern Nuclear Company Vogtle 3 & 4, Waynesboro, GA
Construction Compliance Coordinator/ Contractor Oversight for Southern Company at Vogtle 3 & 4 Nuclear power plants new construction.
Daily activities include oversight on maintaining contractor’s procedural adherence on work performed and verification of quality compliance during daily operations.

10/13-2/16 Parsons Engineering, SWPF, Savannah River Site
Quality control inspector at new construction Salt Waste Processing Facility for United States Department of Energy
ASME B31.3, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6

10/11-10/13 CB&I, Vogtle 3 & 4, Waynesboro, GA
Quality control inspector at new construction nuclear project.
Level II Certified in compliance with ANSI N45.2.6/NQA-1 on the following:
562-Pipe Welding/ Brazing
561-Structural Weld Inspection
335-Mechanical Piping
565-Visual Inspection HDPE Piping
333-Pressure Testing
540-Stud Welding
ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6, ASME Section 3

2010-2011 Trident Technical College-Charleston ,SC
Full-time student in an Engineering Design Graphics Program. Autodesk Auto-CAD & Micro station software was learned while in this program.

2/09-2/10 Jacobs Engineering, Goose Creek, South Carolina
Quality Control lead(CWI) for a pipe fabrication shop for the MOTIVA project for BP.
Daily visual inspection and monitoring of PWHT on pipe.
ASME B31.3, AWS D1.1
7/08 -12/08 Acker Kvaerner Songer, Longview,West Virginia
Quality Control (CWI) on 655 megawatt grass roots power plant.
Water wall tubes, Steam Drum tie-ins, economizer tubes. Boiler external piping, PWHT and affiliated structural welding of hangers. Q/A oversight of subcontracts.
ASME Section I, ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, AWWA

5/08 - 5/08 Overland Contracting Inc., Georgetown, South Carolina
Quality Control (CWI) on a 3 week Boiler Outage, Winyah Station Unit 3 for Santee Cooper.
Rear water wall screen tube replacement and Economizer Header bulk tube replacement. Inconel tube overlay, Feed water Heater repair, Valve change out and PWHT of boiler affiliate steam lines.
ASME Section I, ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.1

2/08 - 3/08 Acker Kvaerner Songer, Havana, Illinois
Quality Control (CWI) on Dynegy FGD expansion project.
Boiler external piping and associated structural welding.
Q/A oversight of subcontracts.
ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, API 650

11/07- 12/07 Burns & McDonnell, St. Marys, Kansas
Site Quality Control/ Interim Site Quality Manager (CWI) on Westar FGD Project.
ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, API 650

4/07- 10/07 Granite Services International. (GSI), Romaland, California
Assigned to General Electric (GE) Centerline Division as Quality Control (CWI) on the
IEEC 7H project. Boiler external piping and turbine associated piping and hangers. PWHT of high pressure steam lines. Q/A oversight of subcontracts.
ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1

3/07-4/07 Wachs Technical Services (WTS), Charlotte, NC
Welding inspector/ Interim Quality Control Manager(CWI) on the Duke Energy Spring Outage for the Unit #2 Boiler at Belews Creek Station in North Carolina.
Water wall tube change out and economizer repair. Feed water heater repair, Inconel overlay work.
ASME Section I, ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.1

1/07-2/07 Granite Services International. (GSI), Witbank, South Africa
Temporarily assigned to Rotek Industries in South Africa on the Komatti rebuild project
as Quality Control on behalf of ESCOM (National Power Provider).

10/04-1/07 Professional Service Industries Inc. (PSI), Cross, South Carolina
Assigned as 3rd party Quality Assurance and CWI under Worley Parsons E/C as Q/A contract oversight.
Daily monitoring of operations on power piping (boiler external-turbine), tank
fabrication and structural steel welding at Cross Generating Station Unit 3 and 4.
Coal fired 655-megawatt power plant (super critical) for Santee Cooper.
ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, ASME Section I, API 650

Good Day to All,
I am an AWS-CWI, Nuclear Quality Control Inspector and former career welder, who can contribute a strong knowledge base to your project.

What follows below is a summary of my duties on various projects. The attached resume will provide a more detailed description.

1. Inspection of water wall tubes and economizer tubes and headers along with overlay welding in boilers. PWHT operations of steam drum welds.

2. Inspection of P5B (P91, 5 CR.), P5A, P4A material, stainless steel and carbon steel piping, main steam, gland steam, hot reheat and cold reheat systems.

3. Test shop supervision and quality control for welder qualification testing.

4. Performed audits of quality control plans and in process paperwork.

5. Coatings inspection performed on tank linings and external protective coatings.

6. Temporarily attached to Rotek Industries in Witbank, South Africa as Quality Control, for the planned rebuilding of various “Moth balled” power plants across the country.

7. Inspection of piping and structural welds at Vogtle 3 & 4 Nuclear power plant AP1000 new construction. Document review.

8. Quality control at Savannah River Site SWPF Project for Parson’s. Inspections of piping and structural welds. Systems walk downs.

9. Q/A/ Oversight on various projects monitoring subcontracts and direct oversight representing contract management at Cross Units 3 & 4 for Santee Cooper.

I thank you for your time and consideration in the review of this material and I look forward to hearing from you.