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CSWIP 3.2u,boesit+olf,HSE medical, confined space,cscs card,AODC,Lloyds,Dive tech, Kirby Morgan Helmet tech.
Education History

Pencraig Tech College, Llangefni. Business management Training Computers at work course,
‘Access Course for mature students’ (to university entry standard) in Math’s, Psychology, English Lit, Sociology, and Computer IT.

Bangor Tech College - ONC Marine Biology. (on day release scheme from Seed Oysters UK LTD)

Holyhead comprehensive school- gained O level or equivalent in
Maths, English, History, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Geography, and Physics.

Diving training

2010 Appointed Equipment Maintenance Tech for HSSE Ltd Liverpool and completed a Kirby Morgan Hat technician’s course. Air purity testing and Dive tech certification for the company. Authorized to issue ‘certificates of compliance for their equipment.

2009 Trained at TWI North Middlesbourgh and TWI SEA Thailand, Covering NDT Theory tutoring for 3.1u and 3.2 prep courses, exam delivery/supervision/invigilation and dive training. CSWIP 3.2u passed 30th may 2009. Repair and maintenance of NDT Equipment

2008- Trained as NDT CSWIP 3.1u tutor and dive supervisor for welding and burning plus NDT in water training at UTC Fort William Scotland. I Passed the CSWIP 3.1u 15th Dec 2008. Was responsible for photographic equipment and repair and maintenance of NDT Equipment

2007- PADI Divemasters course, Masterdivers, Koh Tao Thailand. DSAT mixed gas and nitrox gas blender, NITROX, Digi Camera, specialties. EFR.

1979- AODC transitional certificate issued for offshore air diving in the N Sea (pre IMCA) by KD Marine Dyce Aberdeen,
Attended Kinergetics life support systems and refrigeration systems course, Including electrical fault finding and schematics.
Passed Lloyds NDT Divers offshore inspectors course at the Scottish School of None Destructive Testing at Paisley Scotland/UTC Fort William Scotland.

1976– Commercial diving course 13 Fort William Scotland. Including film Photography film development, equipment service repair, and explosives.

1975- Dive Tender and Docks diver training including equipment maintenance for Cosag Marine Ltd Gt Yarmouth at Grimsby docks. Inspecting Fishing boats dock walls gates and slipway repairs for British Transport Docks Board.

1974- Offshore Rig Safety Boat Deck hand training including Buoy laying, cable deployment, EGG side scan sonar fish deployment and retrieval and Rig safety boat rig emergency rescue and evacuation.

2011 Working for RGB Aberdeen out of Bluepoint marine yard Liverpool as Shore Dive Tech. And working for own company including Computer maintenance, also repair and service of dive equipment locally. Plus repair and maintenance of cars, motorcycles and plant.

2010 Chief dive tech, equipment Manager and Air diving supervisor. Inspection report writing/confined space supervisor, at Mostyn Docks, BA slipway, Eon Gas PowerStation Conah's Quay N Wales for HSSE Ltd Liverpool. Responsible for preparing air diving and chamber spreads for audit on Dong energy contract. I am authorized to issue ‘fit for purpose certification’ and air purity testing certification. Also certified Kirby Morgan Helmet tech for HSSE Ltd.

2009 TWI North/TWISEA as NDT Diving Inspection training Instructor /supervisor/tutor/examiner/invigilator for 3.1u and 3.2u CSWIP courses. Took the 3.2u exam and passed 30/05/2009. Up to date current MPI certification to complement my past Lloyd’s certification and field experience. Included Equipment maintenance and electrical faultfinding.

2008 Trainer/Supervisor at the Underwater Centre Fort William Scotland IMCA / HSE recognized Diving school I worked as NDT tutor and Air Diving Supervisor on the NDT 3.1u cswip prep course and supervising NDT /welding and burning diving operations. Working alongside sat training system and was present during the upgrade and refit of their major diving systems in 2008.

As an Air Diving Supervisor Training NDT and Welding/burning courses I have over 1100 supervision hours logged in IMCA supervisors logbook with responsibility for up to 10 personnel at a time. I have excellent references from Alf Leadbitter (CSWIP/IMCA Approved Instructor) and Ali Mcleod (present diving operations manager CSWIP/IMCA Approved Instructor) for my time with the Under Water Centre.
I reconstructed and reformulated their current course theory and examination/dive training requirements for the burning and welding underwater course including examination criteria in line with AWS certification for the Underwater Centre Fort William Scotland see....

2007- PADI Dive Master Internship in Koh Tao Thailand. 160 dives in 2 months and tech diving trips on the MV Trident wreck diving 45 meters and regularly dived to over 40 meters, Fully fit again the Dive Master Course is physically demanding and I am EFR trained for emergency medical assistance expires 28th Feb 2009. Did a DSAY Gas blenders certification which included 02 cleaning and equipment repair/servicing.
Inspected container ship wreck for Tech divers from the dive vessel ‘MV Trident’ and advised on demolition and Prop recovery.
Did pre site inspection survey and boat recovery for Black Tip Sports Koh Tao Thailand
Also ran under my own Company name in Thailand for Inspection, Salvage and Recovery as Evans Diving Services.
I have worked as a freelance inspector diver and underwater cutting/burning/explosive consultant on and off for over 30 years.

2004- I worked on woodland projects and repaired Thatching on local tourist round houses for Hugh Roberts Anglesey Chair makers. Serviced his equipment chainsaws and other plant Electric winches and turfers.

2001- I then Worked for local Council coppicing and woodland management for local contractor including equipment maintenance on Anglesey N Wales. Also serviced and repaired computers freelance for various customers. I Toured overseas as International Puppetry Artist and was treasurer for BrUNIMA sponsored by UNICEF. In 2002 I represented BrUNIMA in EDupuppets2002 round circle mission performing and teaching local health workers in Nairobi Kenya again sponsored by UNICEF.

1998- Worked for myself on small engine repairs and equipment maintenance. Started Henblas Mould Co. Providing mould and model making with in-house design and manufacture facility for artists and general tourist outlets. I built and ran Puppet theatre as a tourist attraction based at Henblas Country park and provided Historical talks and local information. Became an Accredited breeder of Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs and qualified as a Breed Judge and passed a course to identity microchip animals. Have bred over 200 pups to date for home and export.

1994- Was disabled due to motorcycle accident and worked on my computer service business and car sales. Was involved as welder and service mechanic for Horsebox conversions (mechanical and electrical fit out’s) and repair and NDT of custom vehicle chassis.

1990- Did an Access course for university entry covering, Math’s, English, Psychology, Sociology, History, Computer IT.I Supplied and maintained computers for local customers on Anglesey. Also I worked on a variety of non industry/diving related jobs including Yard and maintenance manager for Henblas Country park on Anglesey N Wales responsible for staff, Animal attractions, building maintenance and plant Including being involved in reinstating upgrading and repair of high voltage supply systems to the farm complex. Represented Wales in World championship Snow carving contest in Finland and we came 4th out of 16 Country’s for UNICEF.

1986- Ran own business with partner in motorcycle and specialist disabled and custom vehicle business which included diagnostic and repair of varied electrical systems, Bikes and Bits, Bodfordd, Anglesey. N Wales. Using a variety of welding methods and Inspected Frames and components with NDT using MPI and Dye Penetrate to supply Information for Insurance engineering assessments on customized vehicles.

1984- Restarted own Diving business and expanded to custom motorcycle and vehicle conversions, Marine and plant repairs petrol and diesel and LPG. Did a BOB Business management course.

1983- Back to Kuwait Appointed as Air diving supervisor for T.I. Diving services working out of Bloom and Voss yard in Kuwait harbor on dive support vessel working by the Al Baz jack up rig, doing spud can checks and pre delivery bottom survey using Thai, Egyptian and UK divers. Cleaning intake stack and servicing cooling ducts on vessels. Responsible for issue and equipment maintenance

1982- Set up own business Evans Diving Services on Anglesey N Wales doing Inspection, small boat salvage, buoy moorings, surveys, bottom clearance, burning of harbor piles with Broco burning equipment, boat recovery and surveys. Diesel and petrol engine repairs.

1979- for K D Marine diving Dyce Aberdeen Scotland, worked on Claymore, Piper Alpha working on leg cleaning with hydro jets, NDT Inspection MPI and remedial clamps using pilgrim jacks, macaloy bolts, Video and photographic inspection and retrieval of ROV,s. Pipeline inspection and installation working on the Apache reel barge. Field maintenance was the order of the day as dive systems were under heavy use in demanding conditions.

1978- Adel al Hamad Sub Sea Services Kuwait, Inspection on concrete giant cooling pipes and installation of same for desalination plant at Fahheel, Tanker hull cleaning using hydraulic ‘brush cart, hull inspection plus emergency patch repairs and intake clearance.
Was in charge of Inspecting/dredging a channel in Kuwait harbor and successfully sunk the 25,000 tonne vessel Mari Rose into the shore to be used as a hotel. Organized visa runs to Bahrain for dive crew. Manned chamber for diving emergency re-compression lost one diver, due to faulty, poorly maintained safety equipment and lack of Company health and safety schedule. I therefore have a special interest in ensuring diving safety and equipment maintenance.

1978- KD Marine and Strongwork UK on Wessole gas field as inspection diver. Also working as photographic development tech conducting video surveys of pipelines off Grimsby doing mattress and coral/scour surveys for AMOCCO while working for COSAG marine Ltd Gt Yarmouth.

1977- I worked at Westy sewage works Warrington for Cosag diving, Gt Yarmouth on river pipeline crossings, welding habitat installation and use, Also offshore construction on Brent ‘C’ and Cormorant ‘A’ Concrete rigs Fitting ground switches, CP inspection on riser guides and cells at Ardyne Point Scotland and at Stavanger Norway.

1976- Commercial dive course 13 Fort William Scotland, Including film processing, equipment maintenance, repair and explosives.

1975- Civil engineering tender and diver Grimsby fish docks for British Transport Docks Board.

1974- Deck hand, steward, cook, Cosag Marine Services, Gt Yarmouth, England, worked with EEG side scan sonar deployment and retrieval. Also worked on Offshore Rig evacuation rescue vessel for Transworld 58 in the Tartan field.

1974- Head cook and Junior manager for Cefn Dref Club Rhosneigr, Anglesey, N Wales.

1973- Spat operator and Algaeologist for Seed Oysters UK Ltd, Anglesey,North Wales. Working with all aspects of commercial Oyster production and Hydroponic production of Algae. Was allowed day release to study ONC Marine biology at Bangor tech college N Wales.

References from

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Outline Skills and Certification- Dive systems Technician, Equipment Maintenance Technician, NDT NDE Inspector, Air diving Supervisor, Diver with 3.2u CSWIP, Kirby Morgan Hat Tech , Boiset+olf Offshore survival, HSE medical, Confined space rescue supervisor.CSWIP/Lloyds NDT Trainer/Tutor. PADI Dive master, DSAT Gas Blender. CSCS card.

Personal statement
Recently finished working on contract for RGB Aberdeen on ISS Liverpool job.
I am ideally looking for a permanent ongoing position onshore or offshore with a company but am willing to work short contracts and am available at short notice. I am willing to retrain and relocate as required. I maintain a high standard in anything I do and am courteous and confidential, please feel free to contact referees to confirm this. I have worked on marine and diving systems since the mid 1970,s mechanical fitting on all types of ancillary systems. I have as a diving supervisor had to field repair and handle emergency equipment solutions while maintaining safe practice in the course of my work. My training and expertise is backed by experience and have certification from HSSE Ltd Liverpool (IMCA/HSE recognised organisation) as Their Chief Equipment Tech last year and a up to date Kirby Morgan hat tech qualification. I have a great experience of a variety of marine and diving systems via my own company Evans Diving Services and can service and repair any engine and ancillary plant and life support equipment, I have DSAT gas blender’s card and am experienced in Nitrox and other life support equipment. On NDT equipment I have taught, use maintenance and service in the course of my time as a NDT inspector and trainer.
I worked last year for HSSE Ltd Liverpool as a Chief equipment tech Air diving supervisor accepted by Dong Energy
I was appointed their EMT responsible for all their equipment and auditing system, issuing ‘fitness for purpose certification’ including air purity checks, pressure tested equipment and umbilical’s, also in charge of preparing containerised chamber air dive spreads for deployment to HSE and IMCA standards for audit for Dong Energy. They were deployed in the Morecombe bay renewable wind farm out of Heysham.
I have also been working For HSSE Ltd Liverpool as a Confined Space Rescue Supervisor this year at the EON gas power electric generation station Queensferry, under the permit to work system and have passed their contractor and in-house Supervisor Examination.
I have previously worked for TWI North and SEA in CSWIP underwater inspection training, delivering course material and lectures in NDT, Tutoring and invigilation of examinations. I have worked for TWI SEA Thailand on the CSWIP 3.1, 3.2u examinations and 5 year re-newels up to examiner level.
2008-9 I was working as a NDT Tutor/Air diving supervisor on the 3.1u prep course for The Underwater Centre Fort William, delivering NDT theory and underwater training for them from April 2008 to March 2009. I also developed their current welding and burning course in line with AWS Standard, preparing overheads and course content, blended with practical training schedules.
In the past I have worked offshore for KD Marine as an Inspection Diver, on Piper Alpha, Claymhor and many other Inspection jobs in the N Sea and around the world for various companies.
I have worked extensively offshore on various dive systems and vessels including, Piper Alpha, Claymore, Transworld 58, Balder, Sedco 704, Apache reel barge, Wessole gas platforms and pipelines, the jack up Al Baz, etc.
I am a respectful person and a loyal employee, working to the best of my ability at all times.
I understand the importance of properly trained personnel, confidentiality, safety and would ensure high standards would be maintained.
I have experience living overseas in Middle East and Asia. I am respectful of their culture and used to working and teaching multicultural teams and students.
I have full British passport and Driving license.