UT Level II, MT & PT Level I ; A&P License
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State: CA California
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
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UT Level II
MT Level I
PT Level I
A&P license
NAS 410
ASTME 1444
ASTME 1417

40 hour radiation safety training
80 hours RT classroom training
*Valley Industrial X-Ray Services
-UT training
-Passed all level 2 tests

*Valley Industrial X-Ray Services
-RT training
-Passed level I general written test

*Niacc-Avitech Technology, Inc and
TECHNICON engineering services
-MT and PT training and certification
-Passed all level 1 tests

*Sierra Academy of Aeronautics
-Aircraft maintenance program graduate
-Basic non-destructive testing methods and
United Spiral Pipe - Pittsburg, CA
UT level II Technician
Shearwave and straight-beam inspections of
spiral welded steel pipe weldments and body
utilizing handheld and automated inspection
equipment. Supervision and training of level I technicians and trainees. Visual Inspection. API 5L and AWS D.1.1 inspections.
April 2009 - March 2011, June 2011 - Present

Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation -
Stockton, CA
UT Level II Technician/ Quality Assurance
Pitch-catch, resonance and a-scan ultrasonic
inspection of composite structures.
Inspection for skin-to-core and laminate
disbonds. Visual, dimensional and non-
destructive inspection of fiberglass and
carbon graphite structures.
March 2011 - June 2011

Niacc-Avitech Technologies, Inc. - Fresno,
Shop lead technician
PT Level I Technician
MT Level I Technician
Detailed inspection and repair of aircraft
components. Non-destructive inspection of
metallic and composite aircraft parts.
March 2004 - January 2009
I am a qualified/certified level 2 UT
technician and a level 1 qualified/certified
technician in MT and PT. I have met the
NAS 410 requirements for level II certification
in both PT and MT but have not been
formally certified. I have also received
training and have passed the written general
exams for level 1 RT certification and am
eligible to take the IRRSP test.

Some of my most recent experiences are:

-Performing straight beam and shear wave
inspections with KrautKramer USN 58L and
Olympus Epoch LTC manual UT machines.
-Performing resonance and pitch-catch
inspections using Staveley Bondmaster
manual UT machines.
-Performing automated straight beam and
shear wave UT inspections using a GEIT
automated UT machine.
-Performing PT and MT on aircraft
components and parts.
-Performing dip tank and spray-on
flourescent penetrant inspections.
-Performing wet solution bench magnetic
particle testing.
-API 5L, AWS D.1.1 and NAS 410 inspections.

I also posses a current airframe and
powerplant license issued by the Federal
Aviation Administration.