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State: GU Guam
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am on a job and will finish soon.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Active Duty Airfoce 5 Level in PT, MT, EC, UT, RT.
University of Maryland-University College
Bachelor degree in Computer Science
May 2008
Sep 2012
United States Air Force
Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
Secret Security Clearance, A1C (E-3), 5 level, Multiple Awards & Decs, Honorable Discharge
Highly skilled in eight inspection methods: Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Bond Testing, Radiography, Visual & JOAP Oil Analysis
Highly experienced in aerospace and support equipment component inspections for A-10, F-15, F-16, C-130, U-2, & HH-60 airframes and F100-PW-220/F100-PW-229/TF-34-GE-100A engines
Skilled in testing for defects in a wide variety of materials to include: undercutting, porosity, inclusions, machining defects, casting defects and stress cracks
Excellent management and supervisory skills; trained new personnel, regular team leader of up to 5 subordinates, managed work schedules, & prioritized jobs.