CWI, LVL II shearwave, VT, MT, PT
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State: MN Minnesota
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer temp jobs.
4/16/2009 Level II Certification UT, MT, VT, PT Arrow Tank & Engineering

9/29/2010 Level II Certification UT/SW, MT, VT, PT Arrow Tank & Engineering

7/18/2012 Level II Certification UT/SW CTL Engineering

3/15/2013 Level II Certification UT, MT, VT, PT Arrow Tank & Engineering

6/11/2016 CWI Certification # American Welding Society

5/10/2016 Level II VT, UT/SW West Coast Inspection

I have phased array training but no in-field experience with a search unit.

NDT Diploma 2012, Ridgewater College Hutchinson,Mn. 55350
Arrow Tank, ASME shearwave-Penetrant-Magnetic Particle-

CTL Engineering, AWS D1.1 Shearwave Inspection

thickness survey's
Runge Mechanical,Covanta Energy facility Minneapolis, Mn.

ITI Inc., Pine Bluff paper mill, Pine Bluff Arkansas

The extent of my UT experience consists of
surveys on newly fabricated vessels of various types.
Shearwave inspection on various thicknesses of vessels and
all types of nozzle configurations. Including inside and
outside scans. Proficient in locating lack of fusion on
nozzle walls with positive feedback from the fabricators.
Did shearwave scans to give depth for repairs being made.
Longwave inspection on stainless vessels.

Visual capacity of inspections consists of
inside and outside final inspections of various vessels.
Backgouging, weld profiles, fit-ups and misalignments.
Witnessed WPQs & monitored welder certs.
. Ive experienced shearwave UT inspection on every
different size, thickness, and configuration of nozzles
associated with ASME pressure vessels & shell thickness
Ranging from 3/8" to 4" thicknesses . The variety of vessels
Ive worked with include stainless clad crude fractionator
Marathon Petroleum, adsorbers for CB&I, deaerators & storage
tanks for Kansas City Deaerator. Some other companies I have
done inspections for include Air Products Inc., Bechtel,
Burns/McDonnel, Conoco/Phillips, Exxon/Mobile, Flint Hills
Resources, Hemlock Semiconductor, Linde Process plants,
U.O.P., and others.