Sensor Networks
6 year CWI, LVL II shearwave, VT, MT, PT

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State: MN Minnesota
Country: United States
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ASME Level II Certification UT/SW,MT, VT,PT Arrow Tank & Engineering 7/18/2012
D1.1 Level II Certification UT/SW CTL Engineering 3/15/2013
ASME Level II Certification UT, MT,VT,PT Arrow Tank & Engineering 6/1/2013
Level II UT,MT,VT,LVL I RT CORROSION SCANNING,Acuren Inspection 6/11/2016
D1.1 Level II VT, UT/SW West Coast Inspection
D1.1 Lvl II UT,MT,VT American Engineering & Testing, Wausau, Wisc.
7/1/2016 & 7/1/2019 CWI Certification #16070161 American Welding Society

NDT Diploma 2012, Ridgewater College Hutchinson,Mn. 55350
AWS CWI Certification seminar.
*HRV Conformance verification Assoc. Penn. 3rd party inspection New York State
LMC Dansville NY Overhead toll ganty inspection / galvanizing inspection
Start: March 5, 2020 - End: April 10, 2020

*HRV Conformance verification Assoc. Penn. 3rd party inspection New York State
Hermosa Corp. Utica NY overhead toll gantry inspection
Start: Dec 13, 2019 - End Feb 29, 2020
*National Engineering Resourses Pressure Ve
*National Engineering Resourses Pressure Vessel QC - Modern Welding Co. Houston, TX
Start: Oct 2018 End: March 2019

*American Engineering & testing Wausau, Wisc/ NER 3rd Party Inspection. UT/SW, MT Loma Linda University Hospital - Truss/column weld inspection Merrill Iron Wausau, Wisc.
Start Date: October 2017 End Date: March 2018

*West Coast Inspection Services San Diego,CA
University of Boston student housing project. UT/SW, Bolting, Truss/Column delivery inspection
Start Date: June - End Date: August 2017

*West Coast Inspection Services San Diego,CA
3rd Party Inspection. UT/SW, MT. AWS D1.1 CODE Atlanta Falcons Stadium Truss Fab.
Merrill Iron, Wausau Wisc.
Start Date: May 10 End Date: June 10 2016

*Stainless Steel Technologies & Pressure Vessels LLC
QC & Safety, ASME CODE, Food grade vessels
Start Date: March 15, 2015 End Date: September 22, 2015

*Acuren Inspection
Prudhoe Bay,AK Level II UT, MT - corrosion scanning
Start Date: June 2013 End Date: December 2013

*CTL Engineering
Columbus,OH AWS D1.1 UT/SW Inspection Wendy's Hamburgers Corporate Offices Constr
Start Date: July End Date: August 2012

*Runge Mechanical Services
St. Croix Beach, Mn. Boiler tube thickness survey - Covanta Energy, Minneapolis, Mn
Start date: *March 2012 End: March 2012

(2 separate dates)
*Arrow Tank & Engineering
Cambridge,MN ASME Pressure vessel QC LVL II UT,MT,VT,PT
Start Date:June 2008 End Date:Oct,2010
Start Date:March,2013 End Date:June,2014

*May-June 2007
International Testing & Inspection Pine Bluff Arkansas - Thickness survey-Pine Bluff
Paper mill
ē . Iíve experienced shearwave UT inspection on every
different size, thickness, and configuration of nozzles
associated with ASME pressure vessels & shell thickness
Ranging from 3/8" to 4" thicknesses . The variety of vessels
Iíve worked with include stainless clad crude fractionator
Marathon Petroleum, adsorbers for CB&I, deaerators & storage
tanks for Kansas City Deaerator. Some other companies I have
done inspections for include Air Products Inc., Bechtel,
Burns/McDonnel, Conoco/Phillips, Exxon/Mobile, Flint Hills
Resources, Hemlock Semiconductor, Linde Process plants,
U.O.P., and others.
Mistras Group