Eddyfi Technologies
Experienced NDT/NDE Technician
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State: NY New York
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer temp jobs.
I prefer permanent jobs.
-Ultrasonic Inspection Lev II (Phased Array/ Time of Flight)
-Radiography Lev. II (Film Interpretation)
-Visual Testing Lev. II
-Magnetic Particle Lev. II
-Liquid Penetrant Lev. II
-Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) Exp. 5/17
-Industrial Radiography License
-ACI Lev. I #01275294 Exp. 2018
-MFE Floor Scanner
-Automated Immersion Ultrasonics( ScanTech Crawler)
Helier Houston,TX
Non Destructive Testing/ Engineering

Niagara University Niagara University, NY
Bachelor's Degree

Demark, Inc. United States
Contract Inspector/ Oversight 2/2013-3/2017
-Reviewed specific standards and codes to ensure project success.
-Reviewed client weld procedure and all NDE of contracted companies..
-Performed NDE inspections to verify contractor results
-Document control and oversight.

Applied Technical Services (ATS)
Syracuse, NY
Operations Supervisor
-Work closely with ATS management and sales team to obtain new work and clients.
-Work closely with the Syracuse team; providing daily supervision, scheduling, and job
-Perform field inspections of tanks, pressure vessels, and piping for compliance with standards
regulations, and ensures quality control and compliance
-Provide recommendations for repairs and alterations to tanks, pressure vessels, components and
-Perform field inspections or rotating equipment installations, operating conditions,
repair/maintenance and failure history.

TD Williamson, Inc. Tulsa, Ok
NDE Technician- Pipeline Services 11/2013-
11/14 -Perform NDE inspections on gas pipelines
throughout US
-Verify appropriate current for cathodic protection of pipeline
-Perform in-ditch inspection process with rapid corrosion assessment
-Provide thorough anomaly reporting with prompt remediation

CME Associates
Rochester, NY
Civil / Mechanical Engineering Inspector
07/2013 11/2013
-Perform accurate NDT Inspections (UT Shear-wave/Mag Particle) on structural steel weldments
-Perform concrete testing on samples at customer locations
-Provide soil densities and compaction data
-Maintain professional and safe work ethics

Quality Inspection Services, Inc.
Rochester, NY
Advanced Services Technician 05/2009-06/2013
-Performed QA/QC project management on outages and day to day operations
-Supervisory technician while working at various customer locations
-Executed inspections to ASME, API, AWS, NAS 410, NB and pressure vessels
-Monitored corrective action as discussed with customer
-Provided excellent communications and cooperation with clients
Integrity Test Lab
Wilmington, DE
UT Shear wave Technician
-Performed QA/QC Inspections at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
-Accomplished accurate inspections and data collection

Integrity Test Lab
Wilmington, DE
UT Shear wave Technician
-Performed QA/QC Inspections at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
-Accomplished accurate inspections and data collection at the
Valero Delaware City Refinery

Acuren Inspection
Pascagoula, MS
Supervisory Technician Tank Inspections
-Performed integrity related inspections at Chevron Oil Refinery
-Worked closely with Chevron contractor representative
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am requesting to be considered for position of NDT Technician. I have
worked as an Industrial inspector for the past ten years in many different
industrial, utilities, energy and manufacturing applications. I feel I would be an
asset to your team due to the philosophy that integrity and impeccable work
ethic which I believe to posses is the most important aspect of any industry. I
have supervisory and project management experience that coupled with my
education and vast knowledge of the industry propels me to the forefront of
your candidate search. I would like to thank you for your time and
consideration and please contact me if there are any questions.
Best Regards,
Christopher J. Conklin