Acoustic Emission Testing Inspector
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Country: United States
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(UTT) Ultrasonic Testing - Thickness (MT) Magnetic Particle Testing
(PT) Liquid Penetrant Testing
(VT) Visual Testing VT WELD, VT 1, VT 2 (AET) Acoustic Emission Testing

•Acoustic Emission Testing lead on pressure systems at the
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Pressure Systems Certification Technician/Huntsville, AL Level II AE, UTT, PT, MT, VT
August 2012 to Present

•QA Oversight and QC on Nuclear Plant Fuel Storage and decommission project Level II PT, VT Weld, VT 2 Unescorted Access/LACBWR Nuclear Plant Genoa, WI June 2011 to August 2012 TriVis Inc

QA/QC Inspector/Level II MT,UTT,PT,VT1,VT2
Unescorted Access/Wolf Creek/LMT Feb 2011 thru Mar 2011 Brunswick/TriVisAug2010thruFeb2011 Performed FAC(UTT), MT, PT at Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant PerformedQA/QCVTWeld,VT1,VT2 ,PT Dry Cask Storage at Brunswick Nuclear Plant
• QA/QC Inspector/Level II PT, VT Weld, VT1, VT2 Unescorted Access Security Clearance/ TVA/Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant/TVA/Sequoyah Nuclear Plant
QA project oversite/Performing QC Inspections for welds on Dry Cask Spent fuel storage container Lids. 7/09 to 12/2009 and 01/2010 to Present TriVis Inc
• Acoustic Emission Testing Lead Level II MT, VT, UTT, PT, AE Performed AET on several different applications (Reactor cool-downs, Fossil Fuel Hot-Reheat Steam Pipeline, Pressure Vessels, Tank Floors, Hydro-test per ASME, FRP Tanks, Highway Bridge, Underground and Aboveground Pipelines, Aerial Man-lift, Overhead Cranes, Bridge Inspection Cranes, Tank Integrity and concrete specimens. Train AE Techs & Write procedures & Develop method procedure on new components. Qualified and approved for Level III ASNT status Client examples: HPCL, ADGAS, MEMC, University of Texas 6/08 to 7/09 TechCorr USA

• Acoustic Emission Testing/Project Manager / Automated Ultrasonics Inspector / AET/ AUT/Level II UTT, MT, VT, PT Performed Acoustic Emission Testing on Cool-Down Pipelines, High Pressure Vessels, Fiberglass Tanks, Sphere’s using PAC DISP , Spartan and Vallen Equipment. Performed AUT as lead operator on Vessel’s. Client’s included US Government, Valero, Conoco Phillips, Citgo.
5/07 to 6/08 Matrix Inspection and Engineering

• Seasonal Contract Inspector / NDT Level II UTT, VT, MT, PT Conducted NDT examinations of piping & vessel components. Including 5 Nuclear Power Plant Outages & 8 oil refinery turnarounds. Evaluate results for clients B.P, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobil, Citgo, Mid-American Energy, Florida Power & Light, Exelon, Wisconsin Energy Corp., Valero, US Government. 10/00 – 10/06 Pacific Technical Services, Washington Group Int., Conam Inc., Mistras Holdings Group, GE Spec Group, SGS INC.
• Aerial Device Project Manager / Acoustic Emission Testing / VT / MT / PT / UTT Performed safety and quality control inspection on aerial device and material handling equipment. Performed procedure compliance inspections to new and in-service hydraulic equipment. Performed Acoustic Emission Testing Inspection on hydraulic equipment. Utilized NDT methods UTT, MT, PT, VT, AE using ANSI/OSHA procedures. 9/88 – 3/91 6/95 – 10/99 Diversified Inspection Inc. (DII) Phoenix, AZ