AWS Certified Welding Inspector, Welder, Fabricator, Machining

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State: MI Michigan
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
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American Welding Society AWS
Sep 2013 - AWS QC1 Certified Welding Inspector (CWI),
Certificate # 13091401
Nov 2013 - AWS D1.1 SMAW E7018 to A36 3G & 4G Combo (all
position) 1/8"-3/4"
Jul 2013 - AWS D17.1 Aerospace Applications GTAW (10)
1.5" 4340 CR-Moly Tube to .090 A36 Steel Base Plate 5F
Fillet Weld Test – Indefinite certificate/Lab # 130779949-

OSHA occupational safety and health administration
Jan 2014 - OSHA 30 hour construction industry outreach
training – Certificate of Completion

National CPR Foundation
Jan 2014 - Healthcare Professional – Basic Life Support
(BLS) Course CPR, AED, FIRST AID and Choking - Certificate
of Completion

Lincoln Electric Welding School Headquarters, Cleveland,
Jul 2013 - Advanced (Materials) Motorsports Welding
Certificate - Chrome-moly, Titanium, Inconel, Magnesium
clock hours)
2013 - GMAW - MIG Welding Certificate Mild Steel,
Steel, Aluminum all positions
(30 clock hours)
2013 - GTAW - TIG Welding Certificate Aluminum, Carbon
steel, and Stainless steel all positions
(30 clock hours)
2013 - Certificate of Completion 4130 CR-Moly Tubing

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, OH,
Aug 2013 - Certificate for successful completion of the
Preparation for Recertification of AWS CWI
2012 - Certificate for the Successful Completion of the
(CWI/CWE) Preparatory Class

Kent Career/Technical Center, Grand Rapids, MI,
2002-2003 - Certificate of Performance in CNC/CAM

(GR TECH) Grand Rapids Technical High School, Grand
2002-2003 - Welding Certificate Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Training (GTAW),
2001-2002 - Welding Certificate Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Training (SMAW),
2001-2002 - Welding Certificate Oxy-Acetylene Training
Welding, Cutting & Brazing,
2001-2002 - Welding certificate Gas Metal Arc Welding
Training (GMAW),
2003 - High School Equivalency Certificate,

1 Medal & 3 coins received During Operation Enduring
- Afghanistan

War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal - Medal
Partnership AMC LTF-4 Lieutenant Colonel United States
Marine Core and AC First/AE COM-Coin
Award for Excellence (3rd Battalion 509th Geronimo) – Coin
Presented for superb job (Warrant Officer #4487) - Coin

Certificate for exceptional and professional service
Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan -Charlie Company
52nd Infantry Regiment

United States Army Certificate of Appreciation - for
- 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment

Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service and
Support - Afghanistan - AC First / AE COM
2014 - National CPR Foundation
2014 - OSHA occupational safety and health administration
2013 / 2012 - Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
2013 - Lincoln Electric Welding School Headquarters
2002 - 2003 - Kent Career/Technical Center
2001 - 2003 - GR TECH
ESSG / PMG, Muncie, Indiana, 06/2014 – 12/2014
Welder / Fabricator

* Supports Progress Rail Services Corp. in the upgrade of
locomotives to ensure compliance with 2015 emissions
* Serves as the “go to” resource for junior employees
seeking guidance on advanced welding and fabrication
* Ensures that all processes are performed to the highest
degree of quality workmanship; advises teams on QA issues,
impacts, risk and cost influence factors on specialized

AC FIRST / AECOM, Afghanistan, 10/2008 – 12/2009 & 11/2010
– 12/2012
Welder / Fabricator

* Provided direct support for U.S. and Coalition military
personnel at a variety of Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in
the most demanding of field conditions in active combat
zones in Afghanistan.
* Frequently served as the sole Welder at numerous FOBs,
fabricating weapons mounts at guard towers, upgrading
vehicle armor and executing a variety of other combat-
support configurations.
* Performed Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)/Visual Testing
(VT) inspection of ferrous/non-ferrous alloys and steels
for parts, assemblies, vehicles, structures, machines and
* Utilized FED-LOG and other resources to replenish
stocks, including $1M in tools inventory.
* Conducted classroom and field training for apprentice
Afghan Welders; superbly managed and motivated work crews
of as many as 10 personnel.
* Produced technical drawings to perform SMAW, GMAW, OAW,
GTAW, TB, INS and TS, cutting (PAC,OFC-A,OLC),
fabrication, machining, layout and various degrees of
* Strictly ensured all work was performed in adherence to
OSHA CFR, ANSI Z49.1 company & military standards while
providing safe work environment.
* Implemented multiple procedures dealing with D1.1 code
steel and D1.2 code aluminum; supported all organizational
QC policies while meeting or exceeding the Performance
Work Statement.

STEEL SUPPLY & ENGINEERING, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2007 –
Welder / Fabricator

* Served on a variety of large-scale projects utilizing
fabricated steel to include hospitals, schools, arenas and
airports; operated heavy moving equipment as required.
* Collaborated with inspectors and management regarding
quality concerns and corrected any errors, utilizing
altered designs/blueprints/drawings upon engineering
* Worked with blueprints, drawings, symbols/codes and
customer specifications.
* Performed structural welding/fabrication (GMAW, FCAW-G
and SW), cutting (OFC-P, PAC and CAC-A), layout, some
machining and cross inspections NDT/VT.
* Strictly ensured adherence to appropriate codes, client
requirements, organizational QC standards as well as ANSI
Z49.1, OSHA regulations and other company safety

TROY TECH, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2006 – 2007

* Performed welding (GMAW, GTAW), NDT LT and VT
inspections for the automotive vehicle production
* Ensured strict adherence to all OSHA codes, company
safety and quality standards, ANSI Z49.1 and other

B.W. MANUFACTURING, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2003 – 2006

* Successfully provided quality workmanship throughout a
specialized process to rid concrete that had been used for
nuclear energy projects of all remaining radioactivity.
* Utilized blueprints, technical drawings and symbols to
machine parts to tolerances of +/- .00025.
* Carried out NDT/VT and collaborated with the Shop
Foreman and Engineer to resolve/fine tune issues in print
design or dimensions; performed all needed corrections as

Highly skilled Certified Welding Inspector with superb
technical background and solid track record of success in
ensuring 100% compliance with all federal and corporate
welding rules & regulations. Swiftly builds “can do”
teams that thrive in the most demanding of operational
conditions while providing technical leadership in the
design and execution of complex fabrications for medium-
and large-scale projects. Superior communicator, easily
interacts with executives, regulatory agencies, clients,
vendors and staff. Willing to travel and relocate. Core
competencies include:

* Blueprint Analysis
* Team Player/Team Leader
* Honest & Ethical
* International Experience
* Cost Analysis
* Quality Assurance
* Planning & Scheduling
* Training & Mentoring
* Excellent People Skills


American Welding Society (AWS) Certifications: AWS QC1
Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Certificate # 13091401
(2013); AWS D1.1 SMAW E7018 to A36 3G & 4G Combo (All
Positions) 1/8 -3/4 (2013); AWS D17.1 Aerospace
Applications GTAW (10) Spec. 1.5  4340 CR-Moly Tube to
.090 A36 Steel Base Plate 5F Fillet Weld Test  Indefinite
Certificate/Lab # 130779949-4 (2013)
Lincoln Electric Welding School Headquarters: Advanced
(Materials) Motorsports Welding – Chrome-moly, Titanium,
Inconel, Magnesium (2013); GMAW - MIG Welding Mild Steel,
Stainless Steel, Aluminum All Positions (2013); GTAW - TIG
Welding Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel All
Positions (2013); 4130 CR-Moly Tubing Welding Test Course
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology: Preparation for
Recertification of AWS CWI Class (2013); AWS- (CWI/CWE)
Preparatory Class (2012) 

(GR TECH) Grand Rapids Technical High School: Gas Tungsten
Arc Welding Training (GTAW) (2002-2003); Shielded Metal
Arc Welding Training (SMAW) (2001-2002); Oxy-Acetylene
Training (OAW) Welding, Cutting & Brazing (2001-2002); Gas
Metal Arc Welding Training (GMAW) (2001-2002); High School
Equivalency Certificate (2003)

OSHA: 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training 
Additional Training: Healthcare Professional  Basic Life
Support (BLS) Course (National CPR Foundation, 2014);
CNC/CAM Machining (Kent Career/Technical Center,2002-2003)

Professional Memberships: American Welding Society (AWS)

Selected Awards: Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary
Medal, Award for Excellence (3rd Battalion 509th
Geronimo), Certificate for Exceptional & Professional
Service, Certificate of Appreciation (x2); Coins for
Excellence (x3), E7018 to A36 3G & 4G combo 1/8-3/4
Indefinite 2013 #13435 A&B (NTRL)