Senior Electronics Technician

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State: MI Michigan
Country: United States
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer temp jobs.
Licenses, Memberships & Community Activity: Founding and current Board member
of Ann Arbor Computer Society (1994-present) ;
Board member and Treasurer, Arbornet, Inc. ;
Treasurer, Staff and Board member, Cyberspace, Inc. ; FCC Lifetime certificate; Board member
SouthEast Michigan Jazz Association; First United Methodist Chancel Choir;
Amateur Radio N8FQH; Detroit Press Club (1971-1988); Time Delay
Spectrometry/Time-Energy-Frequency (TDS-TEF) measurement and analysis
license through Cal Tech.; Volunteer, sound design, live mix and recording
engineer, stage manager, pyro-technician, for Comic Opera Guild, , Performance Network and Ann Arbor Civic
Theatre 1986-present. CDL-A Drivers License with DOT card.
Education and Training:

General Motors Institute - (1965-66, 69-71) electrical and
mechanical engineering; co-op Cadillac Motor Car Division (reliability,
materials test lab, sheet metal stamping, service, plant maintenance,
engineering, cost estimating/value analysis, public relations & photography).

Redstone Arsenal/NASA Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL -
(1966-67) analog electronics calibration, test and repair. HAWK
missile system, class valedictorian (US Army 1966-69). NASA-certified hand

University of Oklahoma (US Post Office - 1975) digital electronics, HVAC
systems, industrial plant maintenance, class valedictorian.

Wayne State University - double major BA (1979); print journalism
and radio-tv-film production.

Ferris State University - course work toward MA in Vocational

Eastern Michigan University - course work toward MA in Mathematics.
Relevant Work Experience:

Electronics Tech III for University of Michigan's Mental Health
Research Institute (MHRI) 2000-2002. Network administrator, direct
support for research scientists' projects involving multiple and
assorted laboratory equipment, computers and networking. Design,
repair/update monitoring and recording/reporting systems. Designed and
constructed new hardware systems for researchers' specific investigative
projects. Rebuilt specialized electronics and maintained, repaired and/or
created multiple varieties of scientific systems and electronics/computer
devices for the unique needs of Nobel-bound investigators/researchers
and created audio and video presentations.

[At the beginning of 2002 I began intensive daily care for my mother's
final years.]

Teacher - Washtenaw Community College, 1986-1990, mathematics and electronics,
adjunct faculty - Detroit Public Schools,(with Adult Education), 1982-84,
computers, electronics, HVAC, - US Army, 1967, missile system's electronics,
all radars, site control, system-wide test equipment and calibration.

Computer systems hardware and software consultant - University of
Michigan, 1990-1991. Macintosh, Windows, UNIX, IBM mainframe;
Hardware and software consulting (interrupt driven) by telephone,
on-site and on-line. On-line Unix consulting for Arbornet, Inc.
(M-Net) and Cyberspace, Inc. (Grex) 1991-present. Combined Internet
Services 1996-1999, telephone computer support.

Television engineer - NET Television/Mark Video, 1984-86. Calibration,
maintenance and repair of broadcast television videotape duplication
equipment (2", 1", 3/4" 1/2") - ESPN, 1990-91, on-call for remote
broadcasts - WGPR-TV (Ch 62 Detroit), 1983.

Maintenance technician - Detroit bulk mail center, (Post Office) 1975-79
Brought brand new plant on-line and debugged computer sorting
distribution, HVAC maintenance.

Engineer's assistant - Cadillac Motor Car Division, 1965-66, 69-71.
Quality Control in sheet metal stamping plant, materials test lab, and
final assembly. Reliability testing and forecasting, brand new assembly
line start-up and debugging, (Eldorado).

Writer/Photographer - The Detroit News, Algonac Courier-Journal, Bay City
Times, The South End, Stars and Stripes, Michigan Review. PhotoMan Graduation
Photography: freelance and stringer (1968 through present);
I relish the prospect of joining an Electro-Mechanical Technical workforce troubleshooting or managing complex systems which is almost a carbon-copy of my life's work so far.

Ever since my parents gave me the book "Things a Boy Can Do With Electricity," and I earned my ham ticket at age 12 (since expired), I have been immersed in electronics, electro-mechanical and mechanical equipment from cars (General Motors Institute / Cadillac Division) through the HAWK missile and radar repair and calibration (US Army), teaching electronics [Army, Detroit Public Schools and Washtenaw Community College (electronics and mathematics -- including W.J. Maxey Boys Training School, (prison)] and, most recently, providing engineering support for Nobel-bound medical/scientific investigators (University of Michigan). I also have driven truck for B.J. Hughes (cement and acid oil well servicing) through the mountains of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana.

I took several years "off" to become my mother's daily caregiver with several pieces of medical equipment to maintain as well as her comfort and well-being during her final years.

I sincerely request your consideration. Thank you.

Sincerely, TS Taylor
P0B0X 2137
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

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