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State: AL Alabama
Country: United States
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
ASNT Level III (124662)
Ultrasound Tech Level III(April 2011)
Liquid Penetrant Level III (Aug 2014)
Magnetic Particle Level III(Aug 2014)
Radiographic Level II(Nov 2007) Expired
Digital Radiographic Level II(Nov 2007) Expired
Automatic Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection(Dec 2007)
Ultrasonic Phase Array Inspection(Aug 2008)
PDQ (Procedure Demonstration Qualification for Code
complaint (in-lue of RT) encoded Ultrasonic Phase array
of carbon steel and stainless steel welds. (May 2011)
EDQ (Examiner Demonstration Qualification) Ultrasonic
Phase Array "Code Complaint" Inspection (June 2011)

The Ocean Corporation
Liquid Penetrant Level I and II (Aug 2002)
Magnetic Particle Level I and II (Aug 2002)
Ultrasonics Level I and II (Aug 2002)

Deep South Training Center
Industrial Radiation Safety (Nov 2002)
Industrial Radiation Level II (Nov 2002)

Eddy Current Level I (Mar 2006)
Radiographic Testing (Oct 2007)
Radiographic Film Interpretation Testing (Oct 2007)
Eddy Current Level II ( Dec 2007)

University Of Ultrasonics (Mark Davis Asnt Level III)
Advanced Ultrasonic Training for Crack Sizing (Aug 2007)
Advanced Ultrasonic Training for Flaw Detection (Aug
Advanced Ultrasonic Training for Phase Array Week one
(Oct 2007)
Performance Demonstration Qualification (PDQ) for Phase
Array (Oct 2007)
Basic PA Equipment Operability Advanced Ultrasonic
Training for Phase Array Week two (June 2010)
Advanced Ultrasonic Training for Phase Array Week three
(Sept 2010)

Eclipse Scientific Products
TomoView I (software that works with the Omniscan Phase
Array Equipment)
ESBeamTool3 (software that is used for Inspection
of Ultrasonic testing)
ESBeamTool and 2009 Code requirements per API, ASTM, ASME

Harfang Microtechniques
Phase Array Technology and X-32 Instrument Training (Mar

Phase Array Technology and Veo Instrument Training (Oct

Zetec, Inc
Dynaray's High Performance Phased Array UT data
acquistion system and Ultravision software Training (Apr

Virtual Media Integration
Operate Virtual Media Integration’s STARR SYSTEMS Digital
Radiography Systems (Oct 2007)

Lavender International NDT Exam Centre
Ultrasonic Phase Array “Welds” Level II (Feb 2007)
Certification No: E/PA2/37270/A0207
Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction “Welds” Level II
(Feb 2007) Certification No: E/TOFD2/37266/A0207
Mistras Group July 1 2009 to Date
Advanced Technology Team Technician
Shear Wave Ultrasonic Technician
Routine Ultrasonic Corrosion Technician
Phase Array Ultrasonic Technician
Manage the PAUT records for office
Certifying persons in the Ultrasonic inspection methods
Performing the required Level III review of reports and
data of PAUT inspection jobs.

Acuren Inspection Aug 2002 to July 1 2009
Project/Turnaround Technician (Chevron, ExxonMobil,
Various Power Plants, Paper mills) Aug 2002 to June 2004
Site Technician MT PT UT From (St Croix) June 2004 to May
Performed as a Routine Plant Corrosion Technician
Aug 2005 to May 2006
Shutdown/Turnaround Coordinator (Chevron) May 2006 to Aug
Chevron Refinery Area NDE Coordinator Aug 2006 to Nov
Preformed SWUT Plant Wide (1 of 3 Shearwave Ultrasound
Inspector Personal on Site)
Advanced Technology Team Technician
Performed Duties of a Field Supervisor an as Team
Coordinator (from Dec. 2007 to Oct. 2008)
Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection Planning and Estimation
of Phase Array Ultrasonic Inspector
Manage files and records for the Division (this includes
Digital Radiographic Inspection Operator
Video scope Inspector
Secure a position as a QA representative as a NDE Level III
with a specialty in Ultrasonics. Securing a position
with a company where my dedication and leadership will gain
me the opportunity to increase the understanding and
importance of the NDT techniques. To further expand my
diversified background and skills so that I can provide
other with real life lessons. To challenge others to
increase their understanding Nondestructive Testing
Industry and the role in providing a safe product