NDT lvl II RT, MT, PT and UTT
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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
RT, MT, PT, UTT and CR lvl 2. Basic plus safety. Safeland
safety/PEC. CPR trained, CPWI and Nace CIP 1. RSO training through Lamco and associates.
Highschool diploma. 40hr rad safety. RT,
MT, PT, UTT level 2 classes through
Hellier. CR level 2 through Sharp NDE, Nace, NWIS.
12 years in NDT. 10 years RT level 2. 10
years MT, PT. 10 years UTT tech. Experience
with B31.3, 31.8, 31.1 API 1104. ISO
drawings, blueprints, fab shops, tanks,
pulp and papermills, power plants,
refineries, pipelines, compressor
stations,gas plants.
Always early to work. Integrity is
priority in my personal and business life.
I always strive for perfection with quality and safety.