NDT Operations Manager

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Country: Saudi Arabia
I am willing to Travel.
I am willing to work overseas.
• Office Management workshop held on 17 - 20 February 2013at Bahrain Society of Engineering, Headquarters, Manama, Bahrain.
• ASNT Level III (Basic, RT, MT) Course held by ISNT at India Bangalore during the period 07 May 2011 to 21 May 2011
• Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation Course held by ASNT-SAS on 21 October 2010
• Projector Maintenance Course held by ASNT-SAS on 27 November 2008.
• Floor map MFL Scanning Course level II held by Silverwing during the period 21 August 2008 to 23 August 2008.
• Welding Inspector Course (AWS) American Welding Society’s held by Institute of Non-Destructive Testing & Training during the period 12 August 2007 to 21 August 2007.
• Radiation safety training for Retrieval of Industrial Radiography Source during the period 9 June 2007 to 10 June 2007 held by health Protection Agency.
• Completed the Arabic training course on Qualification of Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) held by Technology Experts during the period June 30th to July 5th, 2007.
• A.S.N.T CP-189 LIVEL II Course in Radiographic, Magnetic Particle Testing, liquid Penetrate Testing and Ultrasonic Testing Thickness Gauging held by M\S Geo-technical testing center.
• Computer curses (Ms-dos, Windows, word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) through summer time held by Al-Basam institute during the period 25 march to 9 may 1999
• Passed ASNT Level III Basic Exam held by American Society for non-Destructive Testing.
• Certificate of Appreciation for distinctive contribution in the 2011 Inspection Technical Exchange Day and Exhibition held on June 14, 2011 at Haradh Gas Plant.
• Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Certificate from King Abdualziz City for Science and Technology for Industrial Radiograph.
• Radiation Protection Permit (RPP) issued By Saudi Aramco.
• ASNT Level II Certificates (RT, UT, MT, and PT).
Diploma degree on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with GPA 2.89 in College of Technology at Dammam, Graduation Date Jun 23, 2003
Professional Industrial Services Est.
Owner ( General Manager)
From April 2014 Till now

Involve supervision, public relations, marketing, profitability and sales, service, reporting, capital requirements.

1. Inspection and assessment of 14 crude oil tanks at Yanbu (Al-Muajjiiz Plant) including Visual inspection as per API 650 Stander, MFL Floor Tank, Ultrasonic Testing.
2. Advanced NDT Services such as (PAUT, and MFL floor tanks) for Aramco and Sabic.
3. Calibration of NDT Equipments and instrument for Ras Tanurrah Refinery
4. Supply of NDT Technicians for shutdown and T&I projects including (Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant, and Magnetic Testing)
5. Worked as Sub contractor for the NDT Services provider.

Makamin Petroleum Services Company
Operations Manager
From 14 July 2009 Till March 2014

Develops and direct implementation of the company’s goal in NDT field, where I am monitoring and directing daily operations to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed, that goals and objectives are met, and that services are being provided efficiently and effectively; takes corrective action as necessary; personally handles the most difficult, sensitive or controversial projects for the division.

Mega Projects handled:
1. Hydrogen Induced Cracking Survey for 14 Gas and Oil Separation Plant at Saudi Aramco South Area
2. Hydrogen Induced Cracking Survey for Saudi Aramco Jubail Berri Gas Plant facility.
3. Corrosion Coupon monitoring at Saudi Aramco North Area.
4. API Inspection at Saudi Aramco Ras Tanurah Ref.
5. Hydrogen Induced Cracking Survey for 15 Gas and Oil Separation Plant at Saudi Aramco North Ghawar Producing
6. Hydrogen Induced Cracking Survey for Uthmanyah Gas Plant.
7. Tube Inspection Services at Hawyah Gas Plant.
8. Flare Stack Inspection & Integrity Assessment at KJO.
9. Handling the activities of Advanced & Conventional NDT services with others clients as well as short form contract.

The Roll & Responsibilities:

1. Discussion of commercial as well as technical issues and resolution of the same form clients.
2. Responsible for day to day execution of services.
3. Organize and plan all operational matters related to NDT.
4. Monitor progress and forward planning.
5. Responsible for adherence to company rules and procedures.
6. Generate manpower projections and recruitment of NDT technicians.
7. Responsible for Health and Safety of work force. Ensure the quality of our services.
8. Recommendations to management regarding continuous improvement of our NDT services and implement agreed measures.
From 11 September 2007 To 13 July 2009
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) & NDT Senior Supervisor

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Radiation Safety Officer Supervision of radiation safety as per ASME, ASNI, ASNT, AWS procedure.
2. Reviewing and prioritising both day to day and future inspection and NDT tasks, and planning, resources and coordinating all NDT inspection work across the assets (including budget estimates).
3. Identifying, planning and managing turnaround NDT inspection activities
4. Managing the performance of NDT activities and ensuring they are undertaken in accordance with statutory and/or code requirements
5. Ensuring activities performed meet the stated business objectives and strategies.
6. Responsible for monitoring and implementing the procedures / requirements set forth in the Safety Procedure.
7. Administer a written test to new workers to verify that they understand the information presented in this safety manual. Deferent modes of training shall be adopted.
8. Provide safety materials to the technicians and maintaining all the Records
9. Prepare and disseminate information about radiation safety for the use of and guidance of all Tech.
10. Visit sites and make necessary arrangements regarding Radiation Safety prior to job start
11. Suspend activities deemed unsafe
12. Insure that radiation safety guidelines and requirements are followed in the sites using radioisotopes
13. Doing regular inspection for radiographic equipments and do maintains as needed.
14. Arrange import & export licenses for Isotope and Projectors
15. Control Projector Leak test as KACST requirement.
16. Sending the instrument (Survey meter, EPD and TLD) for calibration as per KACST regulation. Maintain the records
17. Liaison with local authorities including explosion police, airport customs and broker.
18. Submission of the reports to KACST (dose record and Isotope Status)
19. Review of operating Procedures
20. Dealing direct with the supplier to meet all the requirements for the job & making the payment request
21. Arrange the prequalification for the Clint and provide all necessary documents.
Geo-Technical Testing center, Dammam
From 11 Apr.2004 To 18 July 2007
As NDT Level II Inspector
Non destructive testing (NDT) for different clients ( Inma Steel, Zamil Steel, HS Steel, Geayde, AL-Shamrany and Anabeeb)

• Duties & Responsibilities:
• Inspect all welded joint by using the discipline in PT, MPT, UTT, and RT
• Make NDT reports as well as interface with clients.
• Develop and assure that the films are in good/proper density
• Prepare flappers for the films
• Responsible in all RT Materials such as Ir-192
• Main jobs carryout: piping and structural.

Project Assigned:

Riyadh Aramco
From 18 Jun 2005 To 30 Jun 2005- shutdown job

Yanbu samref
From 2 Feb. 2006 To 7 Marsh.2006 - shutdown job

Jubail Safco
From 2 Jun 2007 To 15 Jun 2007 - shutdown job

COOP in saline water conversion corporation Jubail
From 5 Nov. 2001 To 5 Fep.2002
A/C Technician maintenance department
• Able to organize and mange the department in professional way.
• Computer, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) and some graphics software.
• Understands customer needs, Communicates effectively, understands the organization financial performance, Motivates the team, and Tracks and measures staff performance.
• Browsing internet effectively for research and knowledge achievement.
• I have experience in computer hardware assembling and troubleshooting processor.
• Electrical and mechanical equipments.