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State: KS Kansas
Country: United States
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- Associate of Applied Science in Non-Destructive Testing, Cowley County Community
College, Arkansas City, Ks. - Maintained a GPA of 3.8.
- 40 hour Digital Radiography

Performed NDT inspections on Boeing 707/300 Joint Stars E-8C and DC-
10/KC-10 airframe. Beech King Air, TC-1A, Premier 1 and 2 and Hawker 4000.
- Performed NDT inspections on GE CF6-50 aircraft propulsion systems.
- Certified Company Level III in Ultrasonic inspection with experience in technique
development; composite and metal bond part inspection; Panemetrics’ 11 axis
Advanced Robotic Gantry Ultrasonic System operation and repair.
- Performed Longitudinal and Shear wave Phased Array inspections using Omni scan.
- Performed manual a-scan and automated c-scan ultrasonic water immersion inspections.
on composite structures and composite aircraft engine components.
- Fabrication/inspection knowledge of composite aircraft structures and experience in use of automated
NDT systems and/or robotic systems; familiar with engine composite components of graphite,
fiberglass, kevlar, epoxy resins, and adhesives.
- Certified Level II in Eddy Current inspection with experience in HFEC, LFEC, surface
and subsurface crack detection, bolt-hole crack detection and conductivity inspection.
- Experience with Omni scan Eddy Current Array for subsurface corrosion/material loss
- Certified Level II in Radiography with experience in castings, composites,
ammunitions, film and digital image interpretation, working to and establishing
- Certified Level II Fluorescent Penetrant inspection with experience in Methods A, C,
and D. on welds, castings, forgings, extruded, wrought and machined parts.
- Magnetic Particle experience bench and yoke inspections on aircraft parts.
- Responsible for the training and development of personnel.
- Management experience of fully equipped NDT sections.
-- Accountable for all facets of NDT section operation and performance.
-- Directly supervised personnel.
-- Responsible for the training and development of personnel.
-- Conducted NDT research, troubleshooting, and technique development.
- Proficiency in the use of computers, data automation equipment, and well versed in Windows based
software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
- Familiar with FAI, SPC and GD&T.
- Able to read and interpret blueprints and engineering drawings.
- Able to read and interpret ADs, SBs, SRMSs, industry NDT specifications, and other work
instructions; familiar with FAR 145 regulatory requirements