Carl Newton - Entry Level NDT
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State: OK Oklahoma
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Associates Degree in Quality Control Management
Technical degree in NDT
Obtained both at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Radiation Safety 180 hrs Magnetic Particle Testing 60 hrs
Radiography 180 hrs Liquid Dye Penetrant 60 hrs
Ultrasonic Inspection 180 hrs Eddy Current Testing 180 hrs
Intro to Materials & Processes 60 hrs Leak Testing, ASM-MEI Welding Inspection 180 hrs

Welding Codes & Standards
The Welding Inspector The Metric System, Welding Terms and Symbols,
Basic Welding Metallurgy Materials Control, Weld Joint Inspection and Temp Control
Welding, Joining, and Cutting Processes I Welding, Joining and Cutting Processes II
Codes Governing Welding Inspection Qualification of Welding Procedures, Welders and Welding Operation

Methods & Equipment (50% theory, 50% hands-on)
Magnetic Particle: Radiography Testing:
Magna-Tech Wet Horizontal-Contact & Coil Manual Film Processing
TSI Porta-Mag MP 1000 (portable unit) Lorad LPX 160 KV 5MA
Magna Flux (yokes) ITE 300KV 5MA
Fuji Dynamix Series 5 CRT System
Ultrasonic Testing: Eddy Current Testing:
GE Nova Automatic Processor Nortec 1000 & 2000 Digital Readout
Sonic-136 Staveley Instruments Nortec 23ST, Olympus 500
Straight Beam, Angle Beam Conductivity Curve, Crack Detection
DAC Curve and Linearity Graph Nonconductive Coating Using Liftoff
Aluminum sorting
Visual and Liquid Penetrant Testing
Visual and Fluorescent
Water Washable and Solvent Removable

Quality Control Training
Metrology/Blueprints (precision measuring instruments, drafting) 180 hrs
Statistical Quality Control (Statistical Process Control) 180 hrs
Manufacturing Processes (Metallurgy, heat treating, machining) 180 hrs
Total Quality Management (Six Sigma, Lean Mfg., ISO 9001/2001) 180 hrs
School-entry level