Zetec Webinar Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection
QA.QC /Training Officer
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Country: Egypt
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
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VT .Visual Test.
ET .Eddy Currant Test (EMI).
MT. Magnetic Test.
PT. Penetrate Test.
UT. Ultrasonic Test.
RT .Radiographic.
Detection Welding &NDT Consulting Office
ISO 9001:2008
Internal Auditor Training Course QSCert-SAUDI (SETCORE )
Thread Gauge ITS Company.
OHSAR (Occupational Safety&
Health At Rig).Modern Integrated System.
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).
Modern Integrated System.
Dropped Objects Train of Trainer.
SETCORE ARABIA Petroleum Services Co. LTD. (Saudi Arabia)
Assuit University
Faculty of Education. (English Master of Education)
-Designed and Manufacturing Drilling tools as (Subs, flanges, etc.)
-Thread Gage inspection for API and Premium connections (VAM family, Tenaris and hydril wedge thread)
-Monitored the manufactured product and ensured that it corresponds with the specifications and other engineering documents.
-Administered the inspections in accordance to the Quality and certification programs to assure that it meets all quality requirements.
-Monitored and calibrated all of the equipment, Gauges tools.
-Conduct tests and organize all activities regarding the Quality control.
-Interpreted engineering drawings and its various specifications.
-Organized required QA/QC project activities as per ISO 9001 -2008.
-Organized internal audit.
*Designed and up-dated the company training program according to the Operation requirements and activity.
*Practical evaluation in (Yard & Rigs) for trainees and level I-II inspectors.
* Designed and prepared all of periodic training material (for internal and external courses).
*Training: Proceed NDT and Tubing inspection training
*Developing & maintaining quality plans of designated project works.
*Raising NCR s wherever necessary.
*Compiling quality records and identifying dates in the quality control plan.
*Conducting compliance audits on suppliers to verify quality inputs.
*Follow up daily productivity of Inspectors and preparing daily & monthly Inspection activities for most normal & special material according to applicable specifications & procedures.
Subjects for Training

1- OCTG inspection and Oil well design.
2-Drilling String Inspection according to (DS-1 velum 3 & 4 4th edition).
3-Magnetic particles inspection (Drilling Components).
4-Panetrent Inspection (Drilling Components).
5-Visual Inspection.
6- Introduction to API Hoisting Equipment according to API RP(7L, 4G, 8A, 8B, 8C and 9B).
7-Thread Gauge inspection.
8-Drops Objective Training.