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State: AL Alabama
Country: United States
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
NACE CIP 1 Cert#46301
University of Texas @ El Paso - Mechanical Engineering (2 Years Completed)
University of Chattanooga – Non Destructive Testing
Magnetic Particle – 20 Classroom hours
Visual Inspection – 24 Classroom hours
Liquid Penetrant – 18.5 Classroom hours
Ultrasonic Testing – 80 Classroom hours
Radiographic Testing – 80 Classroom hours
University of Ultrasonics – Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array Training – 80 Classroom Hours
Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Characterization – 40 Classroom Hours
AI Apprenticeship (03/2010 –04/2011)
Perform necessary inspections of applicable codes required for AI approval. Including ASME Section II- Materials, Section-VIII, Section-IX-welding, Section-V-NDE.

NDT TECHNICIAN (2/2012 –11/2012)
Applied Technical Services (Chattanooga, TN)
Perform NDT inspection’s for customer’s according to specifications and codes.

NDT SPECIALIST II (4/2013 –4/2014)
MATCO Services (Valley, NE)
Perform NDT Inspections (UT SHEARWAVE) for customer’s according to specifications and codes

Senior Inspector, NDE Supervisor, Advanced Ultrasonics (4/2014 - Present)
Turner Specialty Services (Decatur, AL)
Perform advanced ultrasonic inspections for customer’s according to specifications and applicable codes. Interpret and follow schematics and detailed drawings for inspections according to customer P&ID’s. Schedule inspections and meetings with clientele, fill the role of field supervisor, coordinate technicians per required inspections scope, and perform field audits per method specific specifications.
I am looking for a company that I can call home. A company that will allow me to grow, advance, and eventually retire. I am self-motivated, self-sufficient, and willing to do what is needed to get the job done in a timely and respectable manner. I prize professionalism and integrity above all else, both in and out of the work environment. I believe I can make a great addition to any team. I am flexible and willing to relocate. Please contact me with any questions you may have.