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Curriculum Vitae - Pierre Els
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Country: South Africa
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer temp jobs.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Project Management
Various Health & Safety Courses
Bachelors Degree: Project Management

Mobile: +27 (0) 832387189
E-Mail: elspierre11@yahoo.com


Application for

Current Employment Retsmah Construction & Development
Availability/Notice Period 2 Weeks

Surname Els
First Names Petrus (Pierre) Arnoldus
Citizenship South African
Identity No 6111115216086
Gender Male Passport Status Valid
Residing in Klerksdorp, SA Areas to consider Willing to Relocate / Travel
Languages Spoken English / Afrikaans
School Matric (Grade 12) 1979 – Klerksdorp High School
University Rand Afrikaans University – Project Management - 2001
Current Salary N/A
Expectation Negotiable
SKYPE pierre.els2


• I can handle all Engineering and Construction (NEC) contracts, using FIDIC (Contract Clarification System) extensively. I am fully Conversant with the Pre – and Post – Contract Works involved in EPC and Turnkey Contracts.
• With a good understanding of the FIDIC conditions of contract, a Strong Engineering background, and an impeccable track record in Project Management and Contract administration, up to hand over and Final Account sign-off.
• I am fully capable of an Independent Commercial Contract Responsibility, Project Management, and Comprehensive Building Services Installation Control, Coordination and Liaison


• Building / Construction / Civil Engineering
• Facilities
• Power Plants
• Mining
• Oil / Gas
• Warehousing


• East and West Africa
• South Africa
• Middle East (Qatar & Saudi Arabia).

• MURRAY & ROBERTS Construction.
• LTA/GRINAKER Construction
• SA Government
• Department of Health
• Department of Education
• Department of Correctional Services
• Various Municipalities
• ESKOM Power Station
• ANGLO AMERICAN Mining Company
• ANGLO VAAL Mining Company
• MAC STEEL (Steel suppliers)
• ALERT STEEL (Steel Suppliers)
• AGI ALUMINIUM (Aluminium window & Door Manufacturers)
• BARLOWORLD (CAT) – Earth Moving Equipment
• KOMATSU – Earth Moving Equipment
• CARRIER – Air Conditioning Manufacturers
• WISPECO (Aluminium Window and Door Manufacturers)


• Problem-solving
• Sales
• Marketing
• Warehousing
• Analytic Thinking
• Strategic Planning
• Report Writing
• Contract Law
• Contract Management
• Change Management
• Performance Management
• Procurement Management
• Logistics Management
• Construction Management
• Implementation Management
• Import / Export
• Site Management
• Sales Management
• Training
• Cost Control
• General Management
• HR Functions
• Project Management
• Project Planning
• Crisis Management
• Staff Development
• Communication Skills
• Health and Safety
• Budget Management
• Quality Control
• Risk Management
• Fleet Management
• Supplier Management
• Plant Management
• Material Management
• Computer Literate
• Customer Service
• Staff Management
• Time Management
• Negotiation
• Sub Contracts Management
• Engineering


• I am a member of NHBRC - South Africa.

• 1999 - Electrical & Satellite Dish installation including Tower Mast Installation – ANDREW SATCOM- Johannesburg.

HSE Courses with Fluor-Qatar (2006)
• STA (Safety Task Assignment)
• Excavation
• Fall Protection
• LOTO (Log out Tag out)
• PTW (Permit to Work)
• Scaffolding

• May 2011 – BBBEE – ASGI-SA (In-House Training – Basil Read)

• September 2012 – Contract Law – Fluor – Saudi Arabia


• Ms Word
• Ms Excel
• Ms Power Point
• Internet
• Email


(From most recent)
Name of Employer Retsmah Construction & Development
Designation / Title Contracts & Procurement (Building, Construction, Mining)
Period of Employment 2015 – Current

Name of Employer FLUOR (Kentz) - Saudi Arabia
Designation / Title Senior Contracts Administration Manager (Saudi Arabia)(EPCM Contract)
Period of Employment 2012 - 2015
Reason for Leaving Contract Completed
• Aluminium Integrated Infrastructure Complex including various Gas & Water Pipelines, Power Plants, Buildings and Roads.
• Above from civils’ to final product
• Site Management: Roads, Water & Gas Pipelines, Buildings, Excavations, Civils & Concrete, Roads, Electrical Power Stations / Plants
• CSI’S (Contract Site Instructions)
• CV’S (Contract Variations)
• PCA’S (Potential Change Alert in Scope of Work)
• Facilities – Contract Management
• Procurement & Logistics
• RFQ’s
• Official Letters to Contractor’s, Suppliers and Employer.
• FPE’s (Fair Price Estimates – QS)
• RFP’s (Requests for Proposal’s)
• RFI’s (Requests for Information)
• Logistics for Imported material – Documents & Contracts
• Chairing of meetings with Contractor’s and Employer.
• Final hand over from Contractors.
• Payment Certificates to Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.
• Loading info into SAP Program (Info for/to Group) – CMSi
• Marketing & Sales
• Import of material including Contractual negotiations
1 – Transmissions
2 – Energy Conversion Systems – Gas Turbines
3 – Air Cooling Systems
4 – Compressors
5 – Aluminium Pot Rooms – Carbon Lined Vessels
6 – Aluminium Pot Rooms – Carbon Lined Piping (Various)

Name of Employer Basil Read Building Division (PTY) LTD.
Designation / Title Procurement Manager - (Procurement / Logistics / Commercial) (Medupi Power Station Project – (SA)
Period of Employment 2011 - 2012
Reason for Leaving Contract Completed
• BBBBEE – ASGI-SA (Black Empowerment Procurement Procedures)
• Weekly/Monthly updates to HQ
• Contracts/Deal Structuring/Negotiations/Quotations/Procurement of all building materials, plant, tools, vehicles, trucks.
(From drawings & specs on site by the client-Eskom)
• Compare quotations from Sub Contractors & Suppliers to original Bill of Quantity BEFORE ordering.
• Do a survey if Sub Contractor/Supplier quoted as spec, drawing information and quantity.
• Do a history survey on Sub Contractor & Supplier before awarding any Contract/Order.
• Requisitions and orders for all above.
• Fleet Management.
• Filing/Forwarding POD'S, Invoices after reconciliation to HQ.
• Logistics of all material and plant.
• Plant rentals & Procurement.
• AGISA (BEEE) Information of Subcontractors & Suppliers.
• Site transfers.
• Problem solving regarding drawings, material, specs on material, overtime, transport, plant with Sub Contractors, Foreman and Labour.
• Accommodation – Sub Contractors and Labour.
• Bulk orders for Concrete, Bricks, Bags of cement, Sand etc.
• Above orders all according to Ready Mix Specifications as per Employer including specs as per BOQ on bricks and sand.
• Orders for all other building materials:
• Brick Force, Damp Course, Roof Trusses, Tiles, Plumbing material, Electrical
• Material, various Timber products, Window frames & Door frames (Aluminium or Steel),
• Roller Shutter doors, Fire Proof doors, Iron Mongary, Paint,
• Compare quotations / Bill of Quantities on pricing and specifications vs original BOQ.
• Compare all quotations received for material to original SOW and specification drawings
• History surveys on Contractors and Suppliers prior issuing Work or orders.
• Requisitions for all orders
• Logistics of material procured
• Plant and Equipment – Procured or Rentals.
• Scaffolding – Procured or Rented.
• Site transfers
• Transport and housing & accommodation for own team and Sub Contractors.
• Problem solving regarding drawings, material, specs of material, transport, plant and overtime with Sub Contractor’s , Management, Team Leaders, Foreman and Labour.

Name of Employer Tau Pride Projects
Designation / Title Contracts Manager (SA) (EPCM Contract)
Period of Employment 2009 - 2011
Reason for Leaving Better Offer Received
• Building of new Community Hospital
• Building of addition to Kroonstad Hospital
• Building of addition to Jane Furse Hospital
• Managed Projects & Contracts, on three sites simultaneously.
• NOTE: All above from start to handover. (Turnkey Projects)
• New Hospital and extensions on two other hospitals – South Africa
• All as above with Basil Read Building Division

Name of Employer GDBS (Global Design & Build Solutions) Pty Ltd.
Designation / Title Procurement Manager - (Procurement / Logistics / Commercial) (SA)
Period of Employment 2007 – 2009 (EPCM Contract)
Reason for Leaving Company Liquidated
• Procurement & Logistics of all construction material – Local and Imported.
• Roads, Water Pipelines, Power Plant, Small bridges, Golf Course, Building/Construction/Concrete
• Procurement & Contracts of all Capital Equipment.
• Procurement & Logistics of all Food & Beverage for 700 man camp.
• Warehousing/Cooling Storage – Perishables and Non-Perishables.
• Budget monitoring of camp facilities.
• Tenders (from drawings and bills of quantities)
• Meetings with Suppliers on and off site.
• Meetings with architects/engineers on and off site.
• Meetings with Sub Contractors.
• Purchasing of material directly in China and African countries.
• All Contracts with Subcontractors and Suppliers.
• Generating payment certificates on the “SAGE” System
• The Procurement, Facilities and Maintenance Management for the pioneer camp was also in my Scope of Work. A permanent staffs of 720 strong was living on site enjoying three meals per day.
• Budget monitoring
• A team in my office, assisting me on all above tasks-but all final decisions were my responsibility.
• I have travelled to China, Germany and the UK and various African countries for inspections and deal structuring purposes personally.

Name of Employer 4D SQUARE (PTY) LTD
Designation / Title Procurement Manager - (Procurement / Logistics / Commercial) (State of Qatar)
Period of Employment 2005 - 2006
Reason for Leaving Contract Completed
• (Subcontracted For Fluor-Middle East)- (“State of Qatar”)
• Procurement & Logistics of all construction material – Local and Imported.
• Procurement & Logistics for Perishables/Non-Perishables of pioneer camp.
• Maintenance, health & safety, cleaning services – pioneer camp.
• Warehousing/Cooling Storage – Perishables and Non-Perishables – pioneer camp.
• Warehouse control of all building materials.
• Tenders (from drawings and bills of quantities)
• Meetings with suppliers on and off site.
• Meetings with architects/engineers on and off site.
• Meetings with Sub-Contractors.
• All Contracts with Contractors and Suppliers.
• Generating of all payment certificates on the “SAGE” System

• MECHANICAL PROCUREMENT: Addition to Gas Refinery
• Bulk Piping
• Fabricated Piping
• Valves and fittings
• Structural steel
• Electrical and instrumentation
• Field / indirect consumables
4D² - Construction
1 - Offices for Fluor on the Al-Ras-Lafan Oil & Gas Refinery – State of Qatar
2 – On site Power Stations & Plants
3 – Addition to Gas Refinery Plant
4 - Housing/accommodation and other buildings for the 2006 Asian Olympic Games in Qatar.
Note: 4D Square and GDBS were basically the same company, registered and operated under
Different names in Qatar and South Africa

Name of Employer Gerber Construction (PTY) LTD
Designation / Title Project Manager (SA) (Housing, Roads, Power Stations, Water & Electricity Supply)
Period of Employment 2002 - 2005
Reason for Leaving CEO Diseased
• Managed all aspects of building and construction on two or more projects.
• Managed all Sub Contractors and own workforce.
• All Procurement and Logistics of material.
• Debtors and Creditors.
• All HR and PR for the company.
• Meetings with architects and engineers.
• Weekly and monthly reports to the MD.
• Quality control of all building and finishing works.
• Health and Safety on site.
• All quotations and tenders with Developers, Owners and Government Institutions.
• All contracts with Suppliers, Contractors, Developers, Owners and various institutions.
• Contracts and draws from various banks and institutions.
• Budget monitoring

Name of Employer His Bayco Construction
Designation / Title Project Manager – (Congo) – Electrical Power Supply & Installation
Period of Employment 2001
Reason for Leaving Contract Completed
• Management of total Project / Site
• Logistics of imported material.
• Procurement of local material.
• Meetings with mine managers and Client.
• Meetings with architects and engineers.
• Monthly reports to head office (South Africa).
• Management of own work force and Sub Contractors.
• Health and Safety on site and pioneer camp.
• Managed plant / equipment and transport.

His-Bayco Construction
Commissioning of a Copper Mine – Congo.
• Bulk of material imported from South Africa by Air Transport
• Majority of material used were Electrical Cables and Light to Medium Steel Products for
the manufacturing of Electric Cable Hangers

Name of Employer Tricon Towers
Designation / Title Project Manager – (Nigeria)
Period of Employment 1999 - 2001
Reason for Leaving Contract Completed
• Management of total project / site
• Logistics of imported material.
• Procurement of local material.
• Meetings with property owners, managers and sub-contractors
• Meetings with architects and engineers.
• Monthly reports to head office (South Africa).
• Health and Safety on Site and pioneer camp.
• Managed plant / equipment and transport

Tricon Towers
Mobile phone towers and masts - Nigeria
• Bulk of material was imported from South Africa – pre manufactured - by Air Transport.
• Partially raw steel products were procured local in Nigeria.
• Tools and generators were also procured locally including cement, sand and rock.
• Electrical cable and satellite dishes were imported from S.A.

Name of Employer A & J.E Steel (Pty) Ltd
Designation / Title Sales/Site Manager (SA)
Period of Employment 1982 - 1999
Reason for Leaving Career Advancement
• Tenders from drawings and B/Q’s.
• Site inspections.
• Quality control on site installations.
• Site meetings with architects and engineers.
• Site meetings with site managers, mine managers, owners and developers.
• Management of site staff and foreman.
• Time management.
• Damage control.
• Health and safety on site & in factory (workshop).
• Debtors and Creditors.
• Key Accounts.
• Procurement and Logistics


1 – Jaques Malan – Managing Director
Company: Retsmah Construction
Mobile: 0769820673
E-mail: retsmah01@gmail.com

2 – Hilton van Deventer – Executive Construction Director
Company: 4D Square (Qatar) and Global Design & Build Solutions (Legends Golf & Safari Estate)
Mobile: 0792412355
E-mail: hiltonvd@gmail.com

3 – Johan Lambrechts – Senior Contracts Manager
Company: Fluor – Saudi Arabia
E-mail: johan.lambrechts@fluor.com

4 – Lambert Lobello – CEO
Company: Tau Pride Projects
Mobile: 0834494289
E-mail: lambert@diphukaonline.com

5 – Henry Snyman – Architect
Company: Snyman & Vennote / AB4 Incorporated - Klerksdorp
Mobile: 0832981365
E-mail: henry@ab4.co.za

I have thirty Two (32) years extensive experience as Project, Procurement and Contracts Manager in the mining, construction and building industries including oil and gas. I gained experience in South Africa including East and West Africa and the Middle East (Qatar & Saudi Arabia) with reputable companies. I have an excellent track record and references with contact details are available on request.
I am willing to work anywhere globally. I do have remote site experience and are willing to work remotely if needed. I am also willing to relocate anywhere if applicable.If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me any time!