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Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, API 570, Visual Testing, X-Ray
Air Force School of Nondestructive Testing at Naval Air Station.

August 2016- Present, GE Aviation, Nondestructive Testing Evaluator Level II and NDT Supervisor
Daily calibration of Olympus 650 for flaw detection and thickness utilizing 0.500” probe delay for detection of flaws in carbon fiber turbine blades.
Sizing and characterization of flaws using ultrasonic testing and according to GE procedures
Follow part specific procedures to insure proper ultrasonic inspection of woven carbon fiber aircraft engine platforms
Document all non-conformances and upload into GE secured server.

May 2015- August 2016 Pine Environmental, Equipment Technician
Calibrate, clean, inspect, NDT equipment; Nortec 600, Epoch 650, MALA Easy Locator, Pearpoint 374, Fisher Deltascope, Fisher Ferrite Scope, GE DMS 4, XRF PMI, Ludlum 440, and Omniscan MX2
Allocate and Receive contracts
Support all customer’s questions about equipment and tech specs
Calibrate and clean the following gas monitors; MiniRae3000, MulitRae Plus, QRAE II and III, UltraRae, BW Gas Clips, TVA 1000
Host learning seminars and for customers that need training in NDT ultrasonic and NVI equipment. Including Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment, Ferrite Scopes, Eddy Current Scopes, and various piping cameras.

May 2013- May 2015 T.D Williamson, Nondestructive Testing Evaluator Level II
Evaluate external anomalies using pit depth gauge and Shearwave Ultrasonic Testing.
Evaluate internal anomalies using Shearwave Ultrasonic Testing and Zero Degree Ultrasonic Testing.
Test cathodic protection using a Fluke meter to make sure it is properly protecting pipe coating.
Submit complete report of the assessment to customer within five days.
Complete operator qualifications on several tasks to be qualified to work on gas lines.
Insure all safety guidelines are being followed while excavating the pipeline, evaluating anomalies, repairs, and backfill.
Complete Job Safety Analysis, Near Miss, and daily safety reports and email to project manager weekly.
Inspect final welds using Ultrasonic Shearwave inspection
All inspections performed in accordance with API codes.
Thickness monitoring of piping systems and pressure vessels.

August 2012- March 2013 Mistras Services, Nondestructive Testing Evaluator Level II

Performed Positive Material Identification of petrochemical chambers and spool pieces to ensure proper alloys where used in each chamber and spool piece.
Performed visible dye penetrant on welds on both in service welds and each step of welding process for petrochemical chambers and spool pieces.
Magnetic Particle tested steel castings.
Performed Ultrasonic testing to insure proper thickness in fabricated pipe, pressure vessels and piping systems
Documented and tracked every fabricated item received by customers and insured all proper test where performed and documented properly. Also insured customer left shop with all items and all items where properly cleaned.
Managed the Flammable Chemical Locker to insure all Chemicals where accounted for and that orders where placed when inventory reached low qualities.
Tracked all mobile equipment to ensure all equipment was returned to central tool room and the end of day shift.

May 2008- August 2012, United States Air Force, Nondestructive Inspection Journeyman
Maintained inspection records of eighty- eight F-16 fighter jets.
Performed daily radiograph, ultrasonic (Phased Array, Shearwave, and Straight Beam), dye penetrant, eddy current, and magnetic particle inspections to keep jets in service.
Shop safety coordinator, which included daily safety meetings, near misses, hazardous chemical handling, and flight line safety.
Maintained inventory of all consumables to ensure all chemicals and equipment was accounted for at the end of my shift.
Supervised and trained lower ranking airmen is nondestructive methods including: dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, radiograph, eddy current, and visual inspection
Completed daily, monthly, and yearly training records for all airmen under my supervision.
Basic metallurgy testing; Impact testing, Bend Testing, Visual Inspection
Inspected ramp fuel hydrant system, over saw repairs in accordance to API 570
Inspected fuel house equipment in accordance to API 570 AND API 510