Senior Research Scientist (Associate Professor), expert in ultrasonic NDT
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Senior Research Scientist (Associate Professor) in Ultrasonic Methods of Control in Engineering Industry.
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics of Materials and Ultrasonic
Engineer-Physicist in Radio Electronic devices.
1976-1979. Tolyatti Politechnical Institute, Faculty of Material Science, Ph.D., Physics of Metals, Thesis: Influence of plastic deformation on nonlinearity of elastic properties of metals, measured by very highly sensitive ultrasound method
1969-1975. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT/Phystech), Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics, Engineer-Physicist, Diploma: Research and development of highly sensitive ultrasound velocity meter in liquids
Ability in scientific research and development in field of ultrasonic with strong background in the following:
Development of ultrasonic methods and ILI tools (intelligent PIG) for short, medium, and long range pipeline inspection, and tubular inspection by IRIS.
Development of ultrasonic methods and equipment for measuring corrosion and remaining wall thickness in pipes under support and tank annual plates in inaccessible places.
Research and development of technology for production of high resolution ultrasonic transducers.
Research and development in measuring inside pitting corrosion and cracks defects by pigging.
Research in measuring of inside defects and profile geometry in gas pipeline by pigs with air coupled transducers.
Research and development of acoustic resonance technique with air coupled transducers for gas pipeline inspection by pigs.
Research and development in production of general purpose ultrasound measurement devices based on Time of Flight and Acoustic Resonance Techniques.
Nondestructive Testing of Materials by Ultrasonic and Acoustic methods.
Radio Electronic Engineering and Radio Electronic Measuring Devices.
Mathematical Methods of Data Analysis.
Conducting of Physical Experiments.
Modelling algorithms for digital data processing with Mathcad.

Additional strong knowledge in the following subjects related with ultrasonic:
Science of Materials (Metals and Fiber Reinforced Plastics).
Solid State Physics (Metals, Semiconductors, and Optoelectronics).
General Physics and Higher Mathematics.