Zetec Webinar Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection
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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
• Seventeen years professional experience in the Nondestructive Inspection field (UT, ET, MT, PT, VT and X-RAY)
• Bachelors of Science- Business (University of Phoenix)
• Military and civilian certified NDT methods (NAS-410 and ASNT SNT-TC-1a)
• Highly effective supervisor, trainer and technician
• Very experience with inspections on combustion turbines, aircraft bodies, engines and generators
• Always customer focused and team player
• Very flexible, excellent communicator, self-driven and attentive to detail
• Experience reading blue prints and sketches
• Skilled in the use of reporting programs such as SAP as well as Power Point, Excel and Word.
• Currently holds a secret security clearance
• Currently hold TX state card for X-Ray
June 2001- Graduated from South Kitsap High School
Jan 2002- Air Force Technical School for Nondestructive Inspection, NAS Pensacola, Course Code J3ABP2A732 2T9 (392 HRS)
Feb 2006- Airman Leadership School (6 weeks)
May 2006- Non-destructive inspection Craftsman (2 weeks)
April 2007- Advanced Ultrasonic and Impedance Plane Analysis (10 days)
Jan 2010- Leadership Training.
Sept 2015- Completed the University of Phoenix School of Business/Bachelors Program
March- 2017- Completed a time management course
April 2017- Supervision 101 Training Course
L-3 Technologies: Non-Destructive Quality Engineer 2, March 15- Present
• Highly proficient with inspection on aircraft bodies and components utilizing radiography, eddy current, ultrasonic’ s, magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant
• Performs corrosion investigation of intergranular corrosion
• Performs X-Ray on aircraft skins and components
• Utilizes survey meters, dosimeters and film badges for safety, strictly follows ALARA practices
• Performs calibration on equipment
• Trained in the operation of MAUS V unit
• Documents all findings using the SAP system and paper copies
• Coordinates with customers and management to perform daily operations and major inspections
• Inspects all newly machined and welded aircraft parts using fluorescent penetrant inspection or magnetic particle inspection
• Performs calibration of equipment and process control for chemicals all which are completed prior to all inspections
• Completes post calibration of equipment to ensure integrity of inspections
• Frequently works in a team environment
• Always follows applicable technical orders

Siemens Energy Inc.: Non-Destructive inspection Specialist Level II, Aug 07- March 15
• Eight years’ experience in the inspection requirements for combustion turbines and their components with some experience with generators
• Writes detailed reports on as found condition, obeys all service procedures, service bulletins, and technical orders. Reports to engineering and project management if components fail per the applicable field service procedure and process controls
• Inspections conducted are in-depth borescope inspections of the turbines fully assembled to validate in-service and new condition
• Knowledgeable with LEAN concepts, OSHA safety standards, LOTO practices, ethics and human performance
• Frequently inspects from heights, harness, scaffolding and confined spaces
• Extremely customer focused a team player and very safety conscious

USAF: Non-Destructive Inspection Craftsman, Sept 01- Aug 07
• Military certified Inspector in five nondestructive testing inspection methods: ultrasonic (immersion and contact), eddy current, radiography, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual inspections
• Very experienced at inspecting aircraft and aerospace components as well as pressurized systems on F-15 F-16, AWACS, C-130 and HH-60 airframes.
• Longitudinal and circular magnetic particle aerosol, liquid suspension and dry powder
• Automated ultrasonic “C” scans, thickness & shear wave “A” scan ultrasonic using through transmission on bonded structures and immersion on internal structures
• High and low frequency eddy current, conductivity and nonconductive coating thickness and heat damage testing on panels, struts, and engine and bolt holes
• Inspected composites utilizing resonance, impedance analysis, through transmission and pitch/catch
Supervisory Skills
• Supervised and trained personnel performing inspections to identify discontinuities and flaws utilizing penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, radiographic, ultrasonic, and visual inspection methods
• Tracked and maintained technical order programs
• Managed time and expenses on computer based systems
• Trained to perform pre job briefings, OSHA standards, STAR practices and TAKE 5
• Trained new hires to perform inspections in accordance with applicable procedures
• Trained employees on the use of the SAP system
• Provides feedback to higher management on progress and ability of technicians
• Constantly maintained a professional attitude towards employees, customers and management
• Gave quarterly feedback to employees on current performance.
• Tracked employee certification hours in accordance with applicable standards
Willing to relocate within the US, with a relocation package.