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State: CA California
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am willing to work overseas.

1. ASNT NDT L3s :PT&RT certs
2. NAS-410 NDT L3s: PT, RT, DDA certs
3. OEM NDT L3s: PT&RT certs
4. NDT level 2:UT& MT certs
5. Inspector of pressure vessel, similar to API 510 cert
6. Inspector of LPG bottle & gas pipe line, similar to API 653 or 570 cert
7. Engineer of welding project cert
8. Registration consultant engineer of construction cert
9. QA/QC management cert: ISO-9000 and Nadcap accreditation
10. Computer certs: MS office, word, excel, power-point, CAD
11. Accountant cert
12. Clean driver license
13. Bilingual ability: Chinese and English
14. Citizen of USA
• B.S. degree of welding Engineering,Chongqing University of China.
• The major is welding engineering, technique and equipment. The main courses are metal materials; metallurgy; material-dynamics, theory-dynamics, fluid-dynamics, fracture-dynamics, thermo-dynamics; electronic-technique and equipment; machine parts, welding structure design, inspection, technique and equipment etc. create & review blue-print…

2015.8 - 2017.3
Work as an internal NDT L3 of PT, RT & DDA in Arrowhead products, CA. My main L3 jobs are DDA system management, training, technique preparation and hands on inspections. In the past year, worked on the Lockheed F35 & JSF programs and help establish DDA inspection acceptance criteria for some specific parts... in the Commercial Plant.
And, in the same time, continue working on Boeing SLS program PT & RT L3 jobs in the Space Plant.

Work as a NDT L3 consultant in Arrowhead Products Under the contract of XRI Consulting with Arrowhead products. My main L3 jobs are SLS program PT & RT technique preparation and approval; and DDA system management, training, technique preparation. We have successfully passed Boeing, Rolls Royce etc. DDA system qualification approval processes. During this period time, I worked on different DDA systems: GE, VJT, Yxlon...

Work as an NDT consultant, instructor and responsible L3 in X-Ray Industries, Inc., an Integrity Aerospace Group Company of Nadcap accreditation in USA. The corporation has multi-NDT facilities and NDT inspection services across the country and oversea. My main jobs are focus on PT, RT & DR methods and work at several facilities, and different DR systems: GE, VJT, Yxlon…

Work as a responsible L3 of PT&RT on site in Aero-Investment Casting Co., AIC, one of our company’s customers. Hold L3 certs of RT&PT for Pratt Whitney, ASNT and NAS 410, as well as others. My main jobs are: review of NDT requirements, or responsible to Nadcap & customers’ requirements; NDT procedure development and approval; NDT technique development/review and approval; Training of NDT personnel; examination of NDT personnel; performance of internal NDT audits… During my L3 services period time, we have achieved the Nadcap PT&RT accreditation audits (AC7114-1 & AC7114-4 and others), quality audits (EN9100, AS 9100) and the customers certifications and approvals from MTU, Pratt/Whitney Canada and USA; Training, qualification and certification several persons as AIC-NAS410 L1s, L2s and L3 in both RT and PT.

2014.1- 2014.9 worked as a DR inspector on the CR & DDA. The main jobs are digital radiography inspection of EB welds, brazing joints, castings of aerospace and other industries parts in Woodward Zeeland, Michigan and Connecticut and Woodward Greenville, S. Carolina, which are my company’s customers.

2005.9-2012.7, work in an aerospace corporation with Nadcap certified NDT in California, USA.
ASNT & Corp, NAS 410 PT L3, L2 inspector.
The job include: The whole PT process: preparing the paper works and parts, (the parts are made from casting or forging, machined or un-machined), cleaning or etching, exam parts, accept or reject the different kinds of military-aerospace parts per the P.O., engineering drawing and specifications… Control the NDT Dept.; Write or revise process tech. sheets, and other relevant tech documents and specs… including rewrite the Penetrant Inspection per PS 21202 of Northrop; Accept or reject parts. Training NDT personnel…
QC/QA inspector, including receiving inspection, visual inspect parts of aerospace, military, medical…, take dimension with micrometers, inter-micro, calipers, pins, gages, rulers…, review purchase order with blue print, process traveler and parts, report or correct the non-conformance and accept or reject parts…;
QC assistant: internal audit, edit process traveler, produce digital parts’ photos using computer, rewrite the company’s specifications, prepare documents for audit agents of customers, File all kinds of QC/QA documents. Using and familiar to company computer network.
Technician in the company laboratory, analysis part’s surface finish issues and analysis chemical solutions and correct the non-conformance solution;Analyzing Parts’ plating test; Sampling, measuring or test panels analysis…

1982-2004, work in China
Technical director, welding engineer and welding inspector L3: Prepare technical plan for installation of two 10000 m3 natural gas tanks with ASME, ASTM, CODAP…
QC manager, director of field NDT, welding inspector L3; RT, PT L2 inspector: take charge the installation quality inspections of welding and some NDT works of three 5000 m3 nature gas sphere tanks (1995-1997). My task is representing our NDT Station team to assure our job to be done per the quality requirement and time schedule. Meanwhile I work as a certified RT, PT L2 inspector with the field team, involved in the daily inspection jobs: prepare the paper work, warm up the portable X-ray machine, load films, set up the view and shooting, process the films manually, control the film process solutions, view and read the films, make acceptance or rejection per the specs… In our team, everyone involved the routine daily hands on inspection job on the field.
During this period time, our NDT station established a Mutual Aid and Corporation relationship with the NDT Dept. of CAC. We share the NDT techs and learn from each other. We share the equipment or facility or NDT personnel in need. I often visit their facility and test some parts with the NDT personnel in CAC.
QC manager, welding engineer, inspector of pressure vessel & pipe line (similar to CWI, API 510, API 570), NDT level 2 inspector. Take part in over two hundred of pressure vessels’ welding and NDT inspections, thousands of LPG-steel-bottles’ inspection and thousands km of gas pipeline’s welding and NDT inspection. I worked as certified RT, PT, MT,UT L2 inspector with the team, involved daily hands on NDT works, including adjust or training test devices, set up, shooting, exam, process films, read the films, accept or reject per specs.
Meanwhile our NDT station had some contract jobs with other industries’ companies, e.g. some auto, machining plants. I involved the daily hands on RT, UT in house on the metal parts, casting or forging, machined or un-machined. It includes prepare the paper-work or tech sheets, set up, calibration, adjust, warm up X ray machine, shooting, exam, process film, accept or reject parts per applicable specs., quality controlling…
Work as a safety officer, welding engineer, QA/QC inspector, take part in the safety inspection of all equipment of the Gas Company, including LPG station, nature gas distribution stations, and natural gas pipeline…
Work as an assistant engineer, welding inspector. Exam the in using chemical plants’ equipment on the fields, in an Inspection Center of Chemical Plant’s Equipment
Work as a technician of welding. Weld process design and inspection in a Light-Industry Factory, it manufactures the large machines which produce cigar and sugar etc.