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Lvl II tech
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State: AK Alaska
Country: United States
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Lvl I rope access
Asst Radiographer
USAF journeyman trained Non-destructive tech
USAF Pensacola, Fl, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Aircraft, refineries, nuclear power plant, oil field facilities, Ds1 drill tools, pipelines
John Carroll Non-Destructive Journeyman JohnBCarrollJr@Gmail.com (907)378-2914 (907)371-4530
Education: Pensacola NAS, FL (Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Inspection) - Sep2012
Optical Inspections
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Magnetic Particle Inspection
Eddy Current Testing
Ultrasonic and Bond Testing Inspection
Digital and Traditional X-Ray
Oil Analysis Elmendorf AFB, AK (Advance Non-Destructive Inspection Techniques) - July2013
Successfully completed advanced ultrasonic course longitudinal and shear wave
Lvl II ET,MT,UT,PT,RT W/ Film Interpretation
British Petroleum Co. - Deadhorse, AK
BP Badge (Dec 2015 Present)
NSTC Card (July 2012 Present)
United States Air Force
Secret Security Clearance (Apr 2008 Apr 2015)
Team Industrial Services (Nov 2011 - Feb 2013)
Certified Lvl II; UTT, Eddy Current, MT, and PT Assistant Radiographer Mistras Group (Feb 2013 Apr 2016)
Certified Lvl II; UTT, MT, VT, and PT
Assistant Radiographer
Rope Access Lvl I Experience:
Performed Non-Destructive Inspections on F-22, C-17s, E-3, and C-130s
Performed UTT & Assistant Radiographer at Dominion Nuclear Power Plant
Performed UTT, Rope Access, Open Vision scanning & Assistant Radiographer at Marathon oil refinery (Sulfidation project)
Fluorescent/Visible penetrant inspection
Corrosion, Erosion, and thickness Ultrasonic Testing
Wet/Dry, Fluorescent/Visible, Bench and Yoke/Coil Magnetic particle experience
Expert at eddy current, bolt hole, and conductivity testing
Digital/Computed (GE) Radiography and traditional X-ray
Open Vision Experience
Employ proper handling, Use, Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Materials. Adherence to all required governing AFOSH/OSHA Standards.
Interprets and read shop drawings and blueprints, select materials, determine machines, hand tools, and plans sequence of operations
Maintains a current NSTC card/ BP badge, and safety books for the North Slope in Alaska.

 Lvl II Radiographer, Justin Vanzant (602)432-2466
LvL II Non Destructive Technician, Andy Ladner (601)325-4216
LvL II Nondestructive Technician & API 570, Jeff Blandford (219)670-5412