Southeast Welding Inspector

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Country: United States
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Central Piedmont - Continuing Education
Birring NDE - Mag Particle & Dye Penetrant
Willie Brown II
AWS Certified Welding Inspector • Nuclear Construction Support Manager • QA/QC Inspector

Professional Experience
AEIS – LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York
Welding Inspection Specialist (September 15, 2017 to October 15, 2017)
• Inspection Specialist witnessing procedure qualifications and performing visual weld inspections of structural steel in accordance with AWS D1.1 and New York City Building Code.
• Verified welder qualifications and continuity records.
• This was a short term, temporary assignment supporting the Airport’s construction project.

Fluor Corporation / WECTEC / CB&I, VC Summer Nuclear Station Units 2 & 3
Lead Field Welding Engineer (March 2014 to August 2017)
• Lead Field Welding Engineer on a nuclear construction site.
• Primary duties included the performance of welding inspections of nuclear non-safety related components and in process inspections/surveillances of nuclear safety related components (Structural, Piping, Studs, Reinforcing Steel).
• Inspections and Weld Datasheet reviews were entered and tracked using CodeMan database.
• Supervisory functions involved administrative and technical support of the Inspectors, training and preparing new hires for VT II testing, daily CodeMan usage and coordinating the groups’ daily activities and area assignments per Construction support requests.
• Provided support to Construction through the performance of inspections, verifications, surveillance and the resolution of welding technical related issues. I assisted with the interpretation / application of various codes to include but not limited to AWS D1.1, D1.6, ASME Section III, B31.1 and Client / Design Specifications.
Applus RTD, VC Summer Nuclear Station Units 2 & 3
QA Specialist / Document Review / Certified Welding Inspector (Sep 2013 to Feb 2014)
• Provided support of Document Control, Review and Turnover for the AP1000 / Structural Module reassessment project (CB&I) at VC Summer Nuclear Station.
• Reviewed nuclear construction work packages for procedural, programmatic and technical accuracy as related to Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) / 10 CFR 50 requirements.
• Reviewed Non-conformance reports (NCRs /N&Ds) for compliance with 10 CFR Part 21.
Pro Energy Services, VC Summer Nuclear Station Units 2 & 3
Certified Welding Inspector (Aug 2013 to Sep 2013)
• Certified Welding Inspector providing support services at the VC Summer Nuclear construction site (Units 2 and 3) for a subcontractor on a temporary assignment.
• Inspections were performed in accordance with AWS D1.6 acceptance criteria.

Team Industrial / PSC, Charlotte, NC
Certified Welding Inspector & Client Representative (Jan 2013 to Aug 2013)
• Performed Supplier surveillances for energy projects.
• Responsibilities included monitoring the vendors for compliance with ASME BPVC Sections I, II, V, VIII, IX and B31.1, 31.3, 31.8.
• Witnessed and verified compliance with contract documents regarding procedures, welder certifications, material identification, Hydro testing, radiographic film review / results and other NDE requirements (in accordance with Section V).
• Prepared detailed surveillance reports (Word, Excel) for the Clients.
Empyrean Services, Savannah River Nuclear Site, Savannah River, SC
Certified Welding Inspector & QC Mechanical Inspector (Mar 2012 to Jan 2013)
• Worked on the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MOX) project performing visual welding inspections in accordance with AWS D1.1, D1.3, D1.6, D9.1, and ASME B31.
• Weld inspections were entered and logged using CodeMan.
• Verified that documentation met 10CFR50, NQA-1, DOE and NRC standards.
• Inspections performed on HVAC round and rectangular spools, pipe and pipe / HVAC supports.
• Verified that construction performed correct location, configuration and orientation using piping isometrics.
• Site Visual Inspection certifications were S561, M330 and M350.
ManTech International, Chantilly, Va., Kuwait and Afghanistan
Certified Welding Inspector & Task Supervisor (June 2010 to Feb 2012)
• Performed the duties of an AWS Certified Welding Inspector for the Defense Industry in Afghanistan.
• Responsibilities included welding inspections (VT/MT/PT) in accordance with AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.6, and ASNT SNT-TC-1A. I trained welding personnel.
• Prepared reports (using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), which included damage and structural repairs, recommendations and assessments, which were submitted to the US Military (TACOM).
• Monitored and performed audits of the welding program to verify that welding and associated repairs were performed in accordance with approved Welding Procedures.
• Witnessed welder performance qualifications.
Defense Venture Group, Charlotte, NC
Welding Supervisor / Certified Welding Inspector (Oct 2007 to June 2010)
• Aided employer in the development of a successful program which specialized in the creation and manufacturing of Low Profile Armored Vehicles (LPAV).
• Assisted the company in applying Lean Manufacturing Methodologies in daily production activities.
• My general duties included but were not limited to the management of 30 plus personnel, selection and interview of employment candidates, counseling and training of personnel, recommending necessary training and if needed termination.
• Major focus was the daily and interactive involvement and facilitation of the Welding Program. This included the development of PQRs, WPS (per AWS and Military codes / standards), Testing and Inspection using the VT and PT methods.
• Interacted with prototyping and engineering. On behalf of my employer, I acted as the Subject Matter Expert when dealing with Clients, 3rd Party CWIs as well as other Vendors.
Specialty Manufacturing, Charlotte, NC
Lead Welder (Aug 2003 to Oct 2007)
• I worked as the Lead Welder for a company that manufactured sub-assemblies for transit and school bus OEMs. I generally worked in the production departments but regularly assisted maintenance, machine shop and engineering departments.

JL Fabricators, Charlotte, NC
Welding Supervisor (Oct 2001 to Dec 2006)
• General duties were the supervision and management of all welding personnel and second shift. The company manufactured forklift sub-assemblies as well as other heavy equipment. I was employed full time until February 2004 and remained with the company part time until December 2006.
Bendel Corporation, Charlotte, NC
Welder (May 2001 to September 2001)
• Performed GMAW and GTAW at an ASME Pressure vessel and storage tank fabrication facility.
• Performed fit ups and root welding of vessel shells, heads, nozzles and flanges.

Borg Warner (Fuel Systems), Charlotte, NC
Welder (May 1994 to April 2001)
I worked as a welder for a company which produced fuel tanks. I specialized in the fabrication, welding, test / repair of fuel and hydraulic tanks. I became highly proficient with the use of the GMAW and GTAW processes during this time.
Education / Certifications
AWS Certified Welding Inspector • License # 09091941
Continuing Education Studies • Central Piedmont Community College (2009-2010)
Penetrant Testing
Radiation Safety
Lean Manufacturing
Managing Change in a Production Environment
Root Cause Analysis
Certificate in Vocational Welding Technology • Florence Area Career Center (1989-1991)
Magnetic Particle & Penetrant Testing • Birring NDE Center – Webster, Texas
Available immediately, 10/18/2017