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Underwater NDT
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State: CA California
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am willing to work overseas.
Tender/Diver (ADC), Un-restricted surface supply diver (DCBC), Kirby Morgan Hat operator.
First Aid, CPR, A.E.D, Oxygen, Red Cross blood born and CPR. Rigger Certification- Chevron API 2D (RP-2D), NAUI Master Scuba Diver, rescue diver, nitrox, Transportation Worked Identification Credential (TWIC), INDIA Tango- Advanced marine firefighting training (2011), Falck T Huet (at sea helicopter crash survival, at sea survival), Falck swing rope and basket, Falck Bosiet (at sea helicopter crash survival ,sea survival cold/arctic conditions, (qualifications-Visual Inspection-40 hrs, Ink and dye penetrant-40 hrs, Mag Particle inspection-40 hrs, UT inspection-80 hrs, Rad Safety-40hrs , Radiography-80 hrs, Computed Radiography 40 hrs, Phased Array-80 hrs)

Oceaneering school for Remote operated vehicles

Divers Institute of Technology

United States Navy HT "A" school, Advanced shipboard fire fighting school, Basic engineering common core

UESI (Tender-contract Sept-Oct 2016)
Renewed secret clearance (inactive)
Training in Nuclear contamination wash down and procedures as well as nuclear safety. Assisting divers in and out of contaminated water in Torus Washing diver down as well as dressing and undressing diver in nuclear environment. Use of nuclear body scanners, TLD’s and electronic dose meters.

Oceaneering (Rov Jr tech Oct 2014-June2016)
Dual Millennium plus ROV system.
Experience with hydraulic valves, fiber optics, hydraulic compensators Electrical/Electronic system maintenance. Fiber optic terminations, fiber connectors Ground fault testing, 40 hrs stick time Rov and simulator. Hands on experience with atlas hybrid arm sensor replacement. Log keeping and co-piloting/sonar operation, Making and replacing oil filled electronic whips, Trouble shooting with various components. Shell Arctic oil exploration in the Chuckchi sea on Polar Pioneer (Magnum with top hat). Experience with Kongsberg, Tritec, Aries, Blue View and Echoscope sonar
Experience with SC Arms, Conan, Titan T4, Atlas, Atlas hybrid, underwater cameras and lighting systems, soldering, Winch operations with various launch and recovery systems, Tether reterm experience. Inventory control and processing, Locating subsea beacons, retrieval and placement
Riser and BOP inspections, Ship thruster and hull inspections

Under water construction Corp (July 2013-Oct 2014)
Maintenance and testing of tools and equipment
Maintained and inspected protective barrier for hydroelectric pump station for Consumer Energy Ludington Michigan. Crib rehabilitation as a diver for Davis-Besse Nuclear Power plant locating and retrieving anchors using underwater metal detectors

Navy Hull technician 2nd class (E-5) (USS Nimitz CVN 68) (August 2006-July 2012)
Secret security clearance
Maintained and recorded conditions of firefighting equipment, void, tank water level measurements while using sounding tools. Maintained ship structures and habitability which included welding and cutting using shop tools and equipment, plumbing. Inspecting shipboard piping equipment, structures, visual tank and void inspections, confined space experience, Handling hazardous material (sewage, cleaning and flammable agents), Shipboard sewage pump operations
Using data entry software for maintenance and job orders insuring that jobs were accomplished

As well as various other jobs in between
Currently in NDT school I finish 17 Nov 2017