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Forensic Engineer
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State: NC North Carolina
Country: United States
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Registered Professional Engineer

North Carolina License No. 025918 July 2000
South Carolina License No. 29266 September 2011
Maryland License No. 43329 February 2013
Mississippi License No. 21168 March 2013
Virginia License No. 051796 May 2013
New Jersey License No. GE50608 June 2013
New York License No. 096305-1 April 2016

ICC Residential Building Inspector January 2011
ICC Commercial Building Inspector July 2013

North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Bachelor of Science: Civil Engineering 1995

North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Master of Civil Engineering 1996
Cornelius Consulting, PLLC
Owner, Professional Engineer April 2017-Current

Berman & Wright Architecture, Engineering & Planning, LLC
Project Director 2015 – March 2017
Senior Project Consultant 2012 – 2015
Project Consultant 2011 – 2012

Ms. Cornelius’s responsibilities include site investigations and assessments; analysis of construction documents, industry standards, and building codes; defining construction and design deficiencies; developing construction estimates; marketing; diagnostic report writing; and advising clients and legal parties on construction responsibilities and deficiencies. She also manages the Wilmington office.

Builders Engineering
Consulting Engineer 2010 – 2011

Ms. Cornelius investigated property damage and provided detailed technical reports. She performed code compliance reviews and structural design of scaffolding supporting members.

City of Charlotte
Project Manager 1999 – 2000

Ms. Cornelius managed streetscape and neighborhood improvement projects for Property Management Department, which included managing design, construction of projects, and community notification through public and one-on-one meetings. She researched storm water problems and designed solutions including culverts and grading for Storm Water Department and did the preliminary research and layout of Charlotte’s light rail corridors.

HDR Engineering
Structural Engineer 1997 – 1999

Ms. Cornelius’s responsibilities included the design of several bridges in Charlotte including Johnston Road Bridge, 4 bridges on Western Outer 485, dual bridges on I-85 over Little Alamance Creek, and 3 bridges on 485 Outer Loop over Mount Harmony Church Road. She also assessed the structural integrity on several bridges throughout the United States and reported her respective findings. She was also responsible for the design of cell phone tower foundations and preliminary research and corridor layout of Charlotte’s Lynx light rail system.

North Carolina Department of Transportation
Transportation Technician 1994 – 1996

Ms. Cornelius held various positions during undergraduate and graduate school including Transportation Tech III – Structure Design, Transportation Tech I and III – Pavement Management Unit, and Engineering Assistant – Selma Construction Office.

Toni Cornelius has worked in the Civil Engineering field since 1994. Her range of experience encompasses the design and maintenance of bridges and various other structures to the design and management of city streetscape and neighborhood improvement projects. She now specializes in building construction, particularly in construction deficiencies and damages and representing those issues in a court of law.