NDT Trainee
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State: KS Kansas
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer temp jobs.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Liquid Penetrant- 45 Hours
Magnetic Particle- 45 Hours
Eddy Current- 90 Hours
Ultrasonic- 270 Hours
Radiographic- 135 Hours
Visual- 45 Hours
Osha Certified
Wichita Area Technical College- Associates of Applied Science: Nondestructive Testing
Atwoods- January/2018-Present
Derby, Kansas
Providing a high level of customer service.
Multitasking between cashiering and stocking.
Bettered my communication skills.

Ray’s Event and Tent- August/2017-November/2017
Tent Setup
Wichita, Kansas
Maintaining efficiency in a team setting.
Improved upon time management.

Skyline Manufacturing- November/2016-August/2017
Saw Operator
Arkansas city, Kansas
Greatly improved upon time management.
Vastly improved upon multitasking.
Educated in the inner workings on a manufacturing plant.
Was sure to meet all deadlines.
Adapted to an increase in product output.

Overhead Door- March/2016-October/2016
Learned to work with a daily schedule.
Provided exceptional customer service in a labor setting.
Worked with a lead man to complete scheduled daily jobs.
Was able to have quality work in a multitude of work environments.
To gain and maintain multiple Nondestructive Testing level two certifications. Working hard to uphold a high quality of work using the knowledge I have gained in school.