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Steven O'Hara
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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
UTTT level II / MTlevel II / PT level II
Work History

Trinity Steel Fabricators Inc.: 03/22/2008-10/13/2013
Machinist- Calibrate machines to operating programs, load stocks into machines. Match paperwork to programs. Run programs, adjust machines. Fill out the daily production logs.
Maintenance and Turnaround Resources: 09/25/2014-02/23/2017
NDT Technician (UT II L/MT II/PT II/ VT II)- Walk down PID and sketch isometric drawings of piping and equipment. Calibrate and use instrumentation provided( yoke, Olympus 38DL). Create CML data sheet using Microsoft Excel. QC and review inspection reports.
UT IIL: In house trained with 840 hours OJT
MT II: Certified through BRL 20 hours OJT.
PT II: Certified through BRL 14 hours OJT.
Understanding of blueprints and PID with some fitting experience, Autocad, Ultrapipe.

Allan Bailey- (832) 236-4669 Trinity Steel
Dan Darby- (512) 216-3627 Maintenance and Turnaround Resources
Johnny Gonzalase- (713) 584-0532 Maintenance and Turnaround Resources