Nondestructive Testing

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State: SC South Carolina
Country: United States
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More than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing, including nondestructive testing (NDT), quality assurance (QA), systems analysis and troubleshooting, and group training within the power-generation industry.
Core competencies:

 ASNT Level III Inspector in liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and eddy current test inspections
 Troubleshooting and resolving critical problems within manufacturing projects.
 Proactively identifying problem areas—and creating and implementing new processes and procedures that reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve quality, resolve technical issues and increase efficiency.
 Collaborating with internal teams and customers within the supply chain in identifying deficiencies in welding, forgings, brazing and inspection.

Keiser College, Melbourne, Fla., 6/1999-9/2000
- Associate of Science program, Computer Networking (comprehensive training in network administration, software engineering, single- and multi-user operating systems, database management, networking and communications, and system and operating software).

Military Schools
- Nondestructive testing of metals, quality management systems, general welding, sheet metal fabrication, pipefitting, firefighting, and buoyancy and stability schools.

SIEMENS USA – Charlotte, N.C. 12/2000-Present

Staff Engineer, Corporate Technologies Group (9/2015-Present)

Identify new technologies used in manufacturing. Develop processes, procedures and specifications for implementation enterprisewide. Create training programs and conduct onsite training for groups of 10-12 engineers and shop floor teams.

Principal Level III, Siemens Energy Group (6/2005-9/2015)

Oversaw development and implementation of nondestructive testing and training. Served as liaison between engineering and NDT team in troubleshooting problems. Provided support to production to ensure workflow requirements. Audited suppliers to identify if materials’ components met specifications.

Senior Nondestructive Test Inspector – Siemens Energy Group (12/2000-6/2005)

 Served as lead inspector. Trained Level II inspectors in operation of automated phased array ultrasonic and eddy current array inspection systems. Performed inspections of systems and components of power-generation equipment.

WYLE LABORATORIES – Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla. 4/1997-12/2000
Nondestructive Test Inspector

As Level II inspector, certified in magnetic partial, liquid penetrant, eddy current and ultrasonic inspections.
Served as assistant radiographer; received extensive training in radiation safety. Inspected flight hardware and ground support equipment throughout all areas of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Station.

Evaluate aircraft quality assurance concepts, principles, methods and practices. Evaluate contractor's compliance to contract requirements for aircraft. For example:

 While working at Kennedy Space center and US Navy frequently required to evaluate aircraft quality assurance concepts, principles, methods and practices on Space shuttle, rockets, aircraft, and satellites

UNITED STATES NAVY – Various locations 6/1991-12/1996
Hull Maintenance Technician Second Class / E-5

Level II technician certified in magnetic partial, liquid penetrant, eddy current and ultrasonic inspections for both nuclear and non-nuclear standards. Served as assistant radiographer. Inspected and supervised quality control projects aboard nuclear and non-nuclear ships, aircraft and submarines.


- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows NT)
- ASNT Level III Inspector in liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and eddy current test inspections
- Secret clearance (Department of Defense/Kennedy Space Center), 4/1997-12/2000

PATENTS (Issued and pending):

- Lombardo, E., “Multidirectional Electromagnetic Yoke Inspections of Bores.” U.S. Patent # P26312 issued 2010; U.S. Patent # P26312WO issued 2010
- Lombardo, E., “Bore Diameter Measurement Device.” U.S. Patent # P20923 issued 2010; U.S. Patent # P20923WO issued 2010
- Lombardo, E., “Multidirectional Magnetic Particle Inspection System.” U.S. Patent # E03089 issued 2013
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- Lombardo, E., “Inspection of Rotor Blades with Autonomous Robots with Sensor Device.” German Patent E04753 issued 2015
- Lombardo, E., “Inspection of Rotor Blades by the System Configuration and Profile Properties.” Germany Patent # E04754 issued 2015
- Lombardo, E., “Ultrasonic Inspection of Butt Brazed Joints.” U.S. Patent # E06673 submitted 2016


The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (Certificate # 87376)
- Technician of the Year, 1996-1997
- Member, Board of Directors

Siemens NDT Council, Board Member (Charlotte campus)
Siemens Caring Hands, Leader of Educational Outreach Program