QA/QC Inspector / NDT/NDE Level III

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State: NC North Carolina
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Current/Previous Certifications:

RT, MT, PT Level III (ASNT # 170361)
NDT Instructor
Computed Radiography Endorsement
Visual Weld Level II (ANSI N45.2.6)
Visual Mechanical Level II (ANSI N45.2.6)
ISI Visual Test 1, 2 & 3 Level II (ASME SEC. XI)
Ultrasonic Testing Level II (Angle & Straight Beam)
IRIS Inspection (Ultrasonic Tube Inspection)
MFE / MFL Inspection (Tubes & Plate)
Civil - Concrete & Grout (ANSI N45.2.6)
CUI / Fluoroscopy (Real Time RT)
Electromagnetic Testing (Tubes only)
Vacuum Box Leak Testing Level II

All relevant and required training and experience
to be a certified Level III in RT, UT, MT, PT, & VT,
in accordance with both SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 and NAS-410.

Radiation Safety Officer Training
Radiographic Film Interpretation
EPRI NDT Instructor Training
Computed Radiography
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Coatings (ANSI N45.2.6)
Electrical (ANSI N45.2.6)
Boiling Water Reactor Basic Systems
General Equivalency Diploma
QA/QC Nuclear Engineering NDE Level III Technical Specialist
Duke Energy / Progress Energy General Office - Charlotte, NC
2007 to 2018
2007-2018 Duke Energy / Progress Energy General Office, Charlotte, NC
Nuclear Engineering NDE Technical Specialist / Corporate NDE Level III
-Corporate NDE LIII (RT, MT, PT) providing technical support to Nuclear Fleet
-Develop and present accredited NDE Training in accordance with ASNT CP-105 - 2011
-Testing and Certification of NDE Examiners supporting the Nuclear Fleet
-Provide Oversight of Duke Energy and Vendor NDE Examiners
-Evaluate detected flaws, and assist in final disposition and/or failure analysis
-Principal RT LIII for Progress Energy Nuclear Fleet (pre-merger)
-Quality Control Inspector / NDE Technician (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT, Civil, Mechanical)
-Member of EPRI Technical Advisory Committee for Filmless Radiography / Computed Radiography

QC Inspector / NDE Technician
Washington Group International - Princeton, NJ
2002 to 2007
-Supervisor RT / NDE Technician and QC Inspector specializing in Steam Generator
Replacements and Balance of Plant outages at various nuclear power generation stations.
-Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Conam, SPEC, Atlantic Group, NIC
1999 to 2002
QC Inspector / NDE Technician / Oversight Inspector
-Perform Quality Control, In-Service, and NDE Inspections at various nuclear/fossil
utilities and petro/chemical refineries during planned and emergency outages, special
projects, and major shutdowns.

QC Inspector / NDE Technician
Conam Inspection Inc - Signal Hill, CA
1993 to 1999
-Performed Quality Control, In-Service, and NDE Inspections at various nuclear/fossil
utilities, petro/chemical refineries, fabrication shops, and military and aerospace facilities.

NDT Technician
Ronald Nisbett & Associates - Torrance, CA
1989 to 1993
-Performed NDT Inspections at various petro/chemical refineries, fabrication shops,
fossil utilities, and military and aerospace facilities.
-Leadman / NDT Coordinator at Ultramar Refinery, Wilmington, Ca.. (2 yrs.)
-Leadman at Mobil Refinery, Torrance, Ca.. (1 yr.)
-Assistant Radiation Safety Officer.
Synopsis detailing related experience: (30 years)

Extensive experience and knowledge in all methods of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) / Examination
(NDE) and Nuclear Quality Control, including, but not limited to, Supervision and Coordination of NDE
Technicians, Film Interpretation, Computed Radiography, NDE Instruction, Testing and Certifications of
Level II Technicians, Nuclear Oversight, Flaw / Failure Analysis and Procedure Writing.

Knowledgeable of ASME, ANSI, AWS, ABS, API, ASTM, MILSTD, NAVSEA, 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1,
and other codes, as applicable to Nuclear, Petro-Chemical, Aerospace, Civil / Structural and Shipping.
Familiar with Rope Access techniques.