Vizaar Vuman E3
Quality Control Inspector (CSWIP 3.1)

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Country: Nigeria
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1)The Welding Institute - TWI
CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector (Level-2)

2)American Welding Society – AWS
Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI)

3)American Society of Non-Destructive Testing -ASNT
ASNT Level-2 (RT,UT,PT,MT & VT)

4)The Quality Qurus.Com
ISO 9001:2008 QMS Internal Auditor

5)The Quality Qurus.Com
Introduction to Six Sigma
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Diploma In Safety and Security Management.
•Ensured correct material is being utilized to produce relevant fabrication.

•Ensured all fabricated parts is inspected for compliance with drawing detail and manufacturing order instructions.

•Ensured welders used the applicable WPS during production.

•Coordinated all QA/QC personals in my team to ensure they worked according to ITP.

•Ensured quality inspection is done before, during and after production.

•Ensured all components undergone relevant NDT Heat treatment operations (where applicable), and made sure reports are duly checked.

•Ensured all fabrications are constructed in accordance with drawing assembly/fabrication details.

•Ensured relevant factory acceptance testis successfully completed.

•Reported immediately by phone / mail to the Quality Engineer all issues that might have influenced quality of the delivery (even if not within the strict ITP scope)

•Ensured details of all fabrication inspections/non-conformances are duly documented on relevant reports.

•Ensured where applicable that all fabrications undergone the necessary verification by customer inspection representatives.

•Received inspection / verification reports of fabricated parts, structural products and welding consumables procured from suppliers.

•Supported the Site Project Manager and the Project Head of Quality in Delivering of Quality and integrity for the projects.

•Reviewed the contents of CONTRACTOR Quality Control and Inspection procedures including Inspection and Test Plans ITP(s).

•Ensured that all equipment/plant arriving at site is in "as shipped condition" and in good working order.

•Verified the status of the documentation posted on the working site and reported all deviation.

•Attended and approved CONTRACTOR qualification tests (WPQR, WQT, NDT etc).

•Worked with Site Project Manager and Project Head of Quality to resolve all quality issues on site.

•Signed off and stamped the ITP sequence related to the inspection
after completion of the project.

•Monitored and communicated adequately to Project Head of Quality all non-conformities on site and subsequent corrective actions.

•Coordinated pre-mobilization checks of construction Equipment as per Site rules and maintained up to date register of construction equipment’s.

•Ensured accurate reporting of all Quality Control activities within Company project organization.

•Ensured in a timely manner to the Quality Engineer/Inspection Coordinator an Inspection Visit Report detailing the results of the inspection.

•Followed site safety rules, practices and assisted site team in promoting a culture of safety on the site.

•Assisted the Project Head of Quality in the Preparation of COMPANY final dossier for hand over to the Operations Group.

•Attended weekly quality project meetings as required.

•Prepared weekly repair rate and forward to the QC manager and project managers.

•Followed up with the production and ensured applicable NDT are requested and done on time.

•Ensured that structures were released for painting after confirmation of applicable NDT result and client approval.

•Checked that requirements set in the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
are met at the control points.

•Coordinated WPQR,WQT and followed up with subsequent production test as required.