Vizaar Vuman E3
Ervin NDT/E/I resume

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State: NE Nebraska
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am on a job and will finish soon.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer temp jobs.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Magnetic Testing lvl II
liquid Penetrant Lvl II
Ultrasonic Thickness.
High school Ervin homeschool diploma

Concordia University

Torrance CA.
01/19 to 02/19
Inspected pipes, valves and pressure vessels using MT and PT, for discovery and repair inspections PBF refinery turn around.

Billings MT.
10/18 to 12/18
Inspected pipes, valves and pressure vessels using MT, PT, and UTT for discovery and repair inspections. Assisted in writing MT & PT reports for field techs at an Exxon Mobil Refinery Turn around.

Ft Lauderdale FL.
07/18 to 10/18
Assisted in scanning the toe weld on high voltage power structure members.

Mistras Group. Lvl II MT, PT:
Crystal River Fl.
11/17 to 4/2018

Inspection of construction material, piping material and welds using MT, PT, Positive material Identification, and hardness testing on a combined cycle fossil fuel power plant construction site.

Decature AL.
9/17 to 11/17
Inspected pipes, and valves using MT and PT, for repair inspections in an IVXP chemical plant.

Jenkinsville, Sc
03/14 to 08/17
Inspection using Magnetic, Liquid Penetrant, of 2 AP 1000 units.

U.S. Army-Ammunition U.S. and Overseas 2/2004 to 1/2013
Supervises, performs, or assists in ammunition storage, receipt, issue, maintenance, stock control and accounting, and inspection and destruction procedures. Serves as an ammunition storage assistant or records clerk; assists in the receipt, storage, issue, and maintenance of all types of conventional and chemical ammunition, ammunition components, and explosives; loads, unloads, stacks, and stores ammunition supplies and explosives, including guided missiles, using material handling equipment; prepares ammunition for shipment by bracing and staying loads; inventories ammunition in storage using both automated and manual procedures; employs safety precautions regarding ammunition storage, handling, maintenance, and hazardous materials; assists in the routine destruction of unserviceable and irreparable conventional and chemical ammunition and explosives.