Vizaar Vuman E3
Oil and Gas

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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
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H2S & Benzene Awareness
API RP 2D Crane Rig Training
Safe Forklift Operations
Lock Out/Tag Out Safety Training
Safe Man-Lift Operations
Stop Training ( Safety Time Out Process)
Backhoe training
Class A license with Hazmat Endorsement and tankers
High School: Sweetwater High School 2000

Bridgeport Fishing and Rental Jan. 2013- July 2015

Qualified on operating a 3.5 Power Swivel and an XK-90 Venture Tech
Experienced in operating 7 1/16 Blowout Preventer along with an Accumilator
Run straight 3 motors, subs, 4 JZ bits, Float subs with a 2F3R Baker float for drill outs
Run 4 Bear claw bit w/ a String Mill/ Scraper and Taper Mill for clean outs as well as spotting acid before running Perforation guns
Run overshot with grapples, fishing jars with bumper subs for down hole fish.
Direct and ran a Bailer with work over rig operator with check subs.
Assisted connections to proper torque with 2 ⅞-2 ⅜ PH6, PAC, IF, Regular and 8 Round threads.
Assisted in field Supervision and reports on location of daily duties.

Coiled Tubing Services (Schlumberger) Oct. 2010- Dec. 2012

Qualified in operations of Coil Tubing Unit, Quinn fluid pump and N2 pump and transporting nitrogen.
Able to assemble and disassemble Drill X Motors, back pressure valves, Adjetators, Jars, subs and drill bit on 2 inch coil units on drilling plugs on a drill out.
Drilled plugs and ran Perforating guns to proper depth
Class A CDL with Hazmat and Tankers Endorsement

IPS Aug. 2009-Sept 2010

Assembled and disassembled AS-1X, Model R packers along with a TH-6 packer
Highly skilled in setting and releasing packer tools/ Tubing Anchors down hole
Assembled and disassembled Gas lift Valves along with check valves
Skilled in stationing Gas lift Valves in proper depth along with F-nipple, S-nipple and X-nipples

Tejas Oilfield Services May 2005-July 2009

Facilitated in transportation of work over rig equipment such as a skid pump, blowout preventer, accumulator, reverse pump, pipe, pipe racks, cat walk, and tanks.
Class A CDL required for operation.

Supervised personnel on rig floor in connections of down hole tools and assured quality of work and safety practices met
Directed personnel in connection proper tools and tubing strings to assure proper depth for tools
Supervised 5 rig drivers in transportation of rig equipment, assuring delivery in a safe and timely manner
Supervised and facilitated Flo-back on well returns of sand and plug parts through plug catcher and strapped barrel count of fluid to Frac tanks.
Supervised well control and pressure on fluid return.
Directed Tank trucks in transport and order fluid for well cleanout/ drill outs
Supervised in running rods to seat pump and spacing on pump jack.
Supervised wireline while running camera down hole for casing problems.
Supervised personnel on running ESP Pumps


Skilled in the gas and oil industry with high and low pressure wells.
Proficient in well control fluid/pressure through a plug catcher, manifolds to frac tanks
Able to perform duties in extreme weather conditions and high hazardous areas
Ability to use and maintain hazardous materials, equipment, tools and measuring instruments
Qualified to operate a big rigs and heavy machinery
Familiar with laws and regulation of transportation of hazardous materials
Qualified in troubleshooting of computer programs and fluid/nitrogen pump systems including the use of schematics, charts, and system components

Misc. Skills:
Microsoft Word and Excel
(Bilingual) English and Spanish along with reading and writing


References upon request.