Radiographer LVL II

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State: CA California
Country: United States
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Radiographer level II, Magnetic Particle level II,
Penetrant Test level II, Ultrasonic test thickness.
Soldan, High School St Louis, Mo. Graduated 1977 University of Columbia, Mo. Columbia, Mo. 3 Years
My career in the NDT inspection field encompasses 20+ years of demonstrated competency in Non-destructive Testing while operating a gamma/x-ray tubes and Iridium and Cobalt devices. Practicing the fundamentals of radiation physics, implementation of proper techniques in performing RT and fluorescent dye penetrate. Specific responsibilities included instructing and supervising staff in areas of proper usage of equipment, effective strategies in completing task in an effective and time efficient manner using Federal, State and Military specifications, compiling and completing reports, accurate film interpretation and effectively constructing new techniques for military parts as well as providing professional leadership to NDT staff.