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State: FL Florida
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer temp jobs.
AWS Certified Welding Inspector #06030101
ASNT Industrial Radiographer (IRRSP) #172699
ASNT NDT Level III Radiographic Testing #172699
ASNT NDT Level III Magnetic Particle Testing #172699
Ultrasonic Testing LVL II
Penetrant Testing LVL II
CR/DR Classroom Training 40 Hour course TB3 NDT 2019
ASNT Level III RT Refresher 40 Hour course Hellier 2015
ASNT Level III Basic Refresher 40 Hour course Hellier 2015
AWS Certified Radiographic Interpreter 40 Hour course AWS 2014
Radiographic Testing Level II 40 Hour course TEST NDT 2012
Magnetic Particle Level I & II 36 Hour course QC Laboratories 2011
Building Science Thermography 40 hour course ITC (FLIR) 2010
Thermography Level 1 40 hour course ITC (FLIR) 2009
Radiographic Testing Level I 40 Hour course QC Laboratories 2009
Radiation Safety 40 Hour course Hellier NDT 2008
Ultrasonic testing Level II 40 Hour course Krazan & Assoc. 2007
Ultrasonic testing Level I 40 Hour course World Spec 2006
AWS Certified Inspector 40 Hour course AWS 2006
Welder Certification Program Everett Community Everett, WA 1993-1995
Engineering Technology Antelope Valley Lancaster, CA 1989 -1991
with a Concentration in Welding College
 Acquired skills and extensive knowledge in the use of various inspection tools and test
equipment used in non-destructive inspections through formal and on the job training.
 Performed visual and non-destructive testing and inspections of marine drive train and
engine components, aircraft components and structures, liquid and gas pipelines, fuel and
water storage tanks and structural steel in accordance with applicable codes or
 Developed Film and CR/DR procedures and techniques and performed the necessary
inspections or testing for use on in-service and new manufacture aerospace parts,
forensic investigations, and weldments.
 Film and CR/DR inspections or testing castings in accordance with customer
requirements and ASTM E1320, ASTM E192, ASTM E272, ASTM B618.
 Developed radiographic procedures, techniques and performed inspections per Pratt &
Whitney, Honeywell, Northrup Grumman, Hispano-Suiza specifications and standards.
 Developed ultrasonic and magnetic particle procedures based on customer requirements.
 Interfaced with customer representatives and provided them with clear, concise verbal
and written reports of inspection findings.
25+ Extensive years of experience in the welding industry.
 Qualified to meet NAS 410 requirements in multiple NDI methods.
 Extensive experience performing Radiographic examination of castings and aerospace
parts for customers such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, Bell
helicopter & Beechcraft, to name a few.
 Proficient in using Microsoft Office programs.