Over 25 Years Experience-UT/MT/PT Level III, VT Level II, CWI, Certified Safety Manager Looking for Contract or Remote Work

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ICC Welding Inspector
NASP Certified Safety Manager
ICC Bolting Inspector
Axcess Rescue Certified Climber/Rescuer
OSHA Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety
MSI Change Management Specialist
MSI Six Sigma Lean Professional
MSI Six Sigma White Belt
TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential
OSHA 10 Safety Certificate
Crown Castle (cell tower) Certified Weld Inspector
UT Level III
Red Cross First Aid, CPR/AED
COPRT European Union (EN-473) UT/MT/PT Level II
PT Level III
American Welding Society - Certified Weld Inspector
United States Coast Guard - Unlimited Tonnage Steam and Diesel 3 A/E
Bachelor of Science Marine Engineering Operations Maine Maritime Academy
Steel Inspection/NDT/Safety Manager
Independent Materials Testing Laboratories Inc. Plainville, CT
August 2016- August 2019

Steel Department Manager responsible for the day to day operations of the steel department including personnel, scheduling, report review, and profitably analysis.

Safety Manager responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of company-wide safety practices, including; providing clear direction to all management and employees regarding company safe work practices, providing financial support for the program by requisitioning and allocating funds to support safe work practices, overseeing development of safety manual, procedures and safe work practices, conducting accident investigations, and being the liaison between the company and client safety representatives..

Certified Weld Inspector responsible for conducting weld inspections on new construction, repairs, piping, pressure vessels, and cell phone towers, as well as performing welder qualifications, weld procedure generating, QA/QC manual development for clients.

Structural Steel Inspector responsible for special inspections of all aspects of structural steel including, bolting, decking, column plumb, and structural details to ensure conformance to drawings, specifications, and industry standards.

MT/PT/UT Inspector responsible for performing field inspections on n new construction, repairs, bridges, piping, pressure vessels, and cell phone towers, including UT Thickness, UT Straight Beam, and UT Shearwave, as well as all forms of MT and PT.

NDT Level III responsible for writing and reviewing procedures for NDT as well as training and certifying employees in such,

Certified Climber/Rescuer responsible for conducting climbing and conducting inspections on towers up to 600’ including performing rescues on other climbers.

Construction Inspector/NDT Level III – Part Time
HAKS Engineers Inc. Middletown, CT
June 2016- August 2016

Construction inspector responsible for performing field inspections on new construction.

NDT Level III responsible for developing content and conducting technician training in MT, PT, and UT, as well as developing and implementing a certification program for technicians. Responsible for procedure development and review.

New England Regional Quality Manager
Sky Testing Inc. Westbury, NY
June 2015- January 2016

Member of New England office management team responsible for recruiting, staffing, new business development, customer satisfaction, long term strategy planning, procedure development.

Certified Weld Inspector responsible for conducting weld inspections on new construction, piping, cell phone towers as well as performing welder qualifications, and procedure reviews

MT/PT/UT Inspector responsible for performing field inspections on new construction, piping and cell phone towers, including UT Thickness, UT Straight Beam, and UT Shearwave, as well as all forms of MT and PT.

MT/PT/UT Instructor responsible for training technicians both within the company as well as performing training for clients such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York.

NDE Services Manager
Power Specialists Assoc., Inc. Somers, CT
November 1994 – March 2015

Company Based Level III responsible for writing and reviewing procedures for NDT as well as training and certifying all employees in such, researching new technology and developing business plans for implementing new technology.

UT/MT/PT Level III Technician responsible for all types of inspections including Straight beam UT, Shear wave UT, all MT and PT as well as supervising and field training Level I and II technicians.

ASNT VT Level II responsible for all VT inspections required throughout the company.

Certified Weld Inspector responsible for all facets of welding inspections on repairs replacements and new construction including prep, fit up, procedure review/adherence.

QA/QC Engineer responsible for overseeing welding and fitting operations on repairs, replacements and new installations.

Senior IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System) Technician responsible for equipment maintenance, set-up, field inspections data management and reporting.

Project Manager for NDE of recovery, hog fuel, refuse-to-energy, and fluidized-bed boilers responsible for entire job including facilitating crew travel, pre-job prep, on site management and data analysis, and post job reporting.

Senior Data Manager responsible for collecting and analyzing all of the data acquired during inspections.

Sentinel Auditor responsible for being a third party auditor for other NDE contractors responsible for auditing procedures, ensuring quality NDE inspections and reviewing and analyzing all data.

Corporate Account Manager responsible for overseeing all of the individual account managers at those accounts. Responsible for generating proposals, assisting in the staffing of projects, and ensuring that customer satisfaction remains high.

Field Guidance: Member of the three-person field services team responsible for overseeing all facets of the NDE segment of PSA’s business base.

Recruiter responsible for developing and implementing a method for procuring talent at the college level. This included finding qualified candidates, interviewing, and determining suitability for employment. Developed and implemented a formal onboarding program.
Over 25 years practical engineering experience encompassing Non-Destructive Testing, NDT Oversight, QA/QC, Certified Weld Inspections, Safety Management and Data Analysis, on boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, fans, heat exchangers, piping and other associated equipment in paper mills, waste to energy plants, stationary power plants, new construction, cell towers, marine boilers, and diesel engines. Managerial experience in personnel management, project management, procedure development, technician certification and training and talent recruiting.