Eric's resume

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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
IRIS NDT: Holly Frontier Refinery- El Dorado, KS 10/4/19 thru 10/25/19
Technicians Assistant for Refinery Turnaround
Level I Contractor
Receiving daily handoffs from QAQC on the previous shift
Verifying and completing paperwork on daily J.S.A.s and permitting
Completing setup of Eddy Current Testing, Remote-Field Testing & Near Field-Testing equipment
Working in coordination with other crews performing RT, UT, MT, PT, & PMI (positive material identification)
Continuous compliance assurance of IRIS NDT Procedures & ASNT standards
Operating necessary boroscope & camera equipment to provide footage of the tubing for reporting purposes
Complete mark-up of tubesheets on both heat exchanger bundles and finfans based on drawings and customer requirements
Performing and documenting calibrations of all Eddy Current Equipment
Navigating and translating multiple computer network programs to anticipate and plan upcoming customer requirements for each project assignment
Performing all operations of the probe and polly during actual inspection performance
Work with blast-pad, crane, operations, and miscellaneous refinery staff to combine efforts & work as a team to increase productivity
Worked 84-hour weeks with 12-hour shifts for three consecutive weeks totaling at 210 OJT hours for ECT and 30 OJT hours for RFT