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Country: Turkey
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I prefer permanent jobs.
I have just started to get VT method training per ASNT SNT-TC-1A.

I am going to get MT,PT and UT methods.

Bachelor Degree at Kocaeli University (Metallurgy and Materils Engineering)
Experienced in the construction, aerospace and defend industry since 2016 on quality assurance. Strong in analytical thinking, problem solving skills, innovative approach and teamwork.
My job definition is to be a customer representative in quality issues, to ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of existing quality development systems, to understand product quality requirements, to be able to use test and measurement devices effectively, to Find root causes in order to analyse all nonconformities and follow up corrective/preventive actions, conducting risk analysis.
I am planning to work in USA as a quality engineer and NDT specialist