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State: MS Mississippi
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer temp jobs.
RT weld quality , UTT , PT , MT, Digital/CR RT, UTT, SWUT, PAUT , Planner

For the past two years I have been planning and scheduling Routine Inspection work for Mistras at Chevron Pascagoula. We utilized multiple crews of experienced Techs to walk down and provide detailed and critical info on what support may be needed to perform the upcoming NDE. I coordinated and worked directly with multiple contractors and Chevron management in all facets of planning for upcoming work. Most recently we were using Apple iPads, Microsoft software, and a Novacura Flow system to upload, track, filter, and create detailed spread sheets of upcoming work.

High School diploma and a considerable amount of NDE training with various companies.

I have had multiple classes, training, and OJT in the NDE field since 2004 which I can provide upon request.

I have over 16 years experience in the NDE/ Oil and Gas industry.

I have spent considerable time in the following settings...

Offshore, Pipelines, Refineries, Fab shops, and pulp and paper mills.

I have worked in fast paced weld quality shooting environments and can produce a quality product, quickly.

I have years of experience developing and grading conventional and digital film/ plates. I have quite a few years experience using the VMI system.

In late 2017 I was certified in SWUT and PAUT with Mistras group. I also passed Chevron Pascagoula’s SWUT/PAUT testing.

I took a position shortly after that planning and scheduling various inspection work @ Chevron Pascagoula.
My experience in SWUT and PAUT ilimited because of that. Most of my Certs with Mistras have expired recently because of the planning job I accepted.

I would have NO problem passing Certification testing, and within a few weeks I could get up to speed with the PAUT and SWUT.

I would prefer to be utilized for SWUT and/or PAUT.
I can provide multiple references & Certifications/Training records upon request.

Please contact me anytime at 337-577-1052.
Vizaar Vuman E3