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State: ME Maine
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Radiograhpic Test (Digital Experience but never got classroom training to certify.) Level II
Magnetic Particle Level II
Liquid Dye Penetrant Level II
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Level IIA
Visual Inspection Level II
Radiation Safety Officer
Washington Academy (High School Graduate)
East Machias, Maine
I have 20 years experience working in the Oil/Gas Industry, Fabrication Facilities, Pipelines/Refineries, Power Plant and Pulp & Paper Industries. I have extensively used API, ASME, AWS and Mil Spec code criteria's. I have experience working with Digital Radiography Equipment and techniques, have not received the formal training to get certified but I am willing to learn and progress my experience.